Last Person Standing Match ⚔



New features: No ads, infinite relapse recording available, better statistics section, widget etc.

To see who is following you, go to the companions section and tap on the number in orange colour. You will see a list.


Thank you sir …


The god of breath exiled into separation. In the lap of tears grew the heart. We are panting players very unskilled have lost the bet of life. Here everyone gets defeated, this gamble is such!
Only those win who become free of desires, who see the futility of desires, who wake up from the race of desires, who move away from the desires and immerse into prayerful - ness.

Wake up! waking up is enlightenment.
wake up from life! wake up from death!
Just wake up!
One who has become awake has found the ultimate treasure of life.


This is all i see. I d9nt see any orange numbers…


The number 10 above the word ‘Followers’ should be orange. Try updating the app.



When I see history why rip’s name not showing :joy: :joy::joy::joy:


Even the forum sees them as ghosts :skull::ghost:


That worked…



:no_entry_sign: ELIMINATION DUE TO INACTIVITY :no_entry_sign:
Mega massacre
:no_entry_sign: @Zaam
:no_entry_sign: @neva_giveup
:no_entry_sign: @Duchess_of_Malfi
:no_entry_sign: @iwillsucceed1
:no_entry_sign: @Kryptic
:no_entry_sign: @Milkha



@romanmuni8 promoted to Gladiators arena.


@AnkitK Dude, I updated like 5 days ago. Didn’t uodate after that because it seemed silly to do it so soon. I always update fairly regularly. And earlier there used to be a warning with regard to inactivity anyway.


Sorry bro, @adequatemonty. But you did not update your streak for more 10 days. But I have added you back. You current streak is 158. It was 148 in the scoreboard. You didn’t edit it 5 days ago.


@AnkitK Cool, thanks. I’ll update it sooner in future if it’s required. So what would be the max number of days between updates now?


Ten days. I warned everyone, but I didn’t warn you. Sorry for that.


I don’t think I understand wym by update. But okay


It means that you have to edit the scoreboard often.


@Nervana sent to pit of slaves. :chains::link::chains::link::chains:


But how? What’s the scoreboard? Where is it?


The scoreboard is the second post of this thread. There is a pencil mark at the right bottom of the scoreboard. Using that button, we can edit our streaks.


This song killed the urge I had completly. It might help some of you.

"By battle worn hunger torn awaitening
For the sun to break through the cold haze
And for the banners of Ebal to appear
On the hill in the suns first warm rays

The elder among the men looked deep into
The fire and spoke loud with pride
Tomorrow is A Fine Day To Die…"

Only by forgetting who we are can we succumb to this filth.( porn)
Those who teach you pacifism have killed millions.