Last Person Standing Match ⚔ [Finished]

Wet dreams are inevitable. They are not in your control. Don’t count it as relapse.


Yeah I know but I will practice because I want self control over my subconscious and it all will happen with deep meditation…:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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It will come automatically after 90 days. Till then, only two things you need :- paitence and discipline


Please don’t reset the counter for that and confuse us. Remember, once eliminated = no return.

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Ok , bro I’m not going to confuse you @AnkitK @aapoorv75. I will write this in my journal so I know what’s effective streak I have. I’m not going to reset counter for same. Thanks for your kind support as well as understanding.

I had a total of 4-5 wet dreams during my 90 days journey which is an ideal frequency. Wet dreams are necessary for human body as it is natural. Read this article for more clarification:-

Woo hoo, excited to keep going strong. So far so good!


Since 1 week i am having nightmares which i am dreaming of relapsing to PMO.When i wake up from the dream i am in such terror.I hope every relapse is in my dreams and not in reality

I have never seen myself after PMO recovery.Am struggling 1 and a half years with this addiction and i am in constant flatline.Low libido,low mood,low self-esteem,high anxiety levels.
I am pushing myself to socialize and be more productive but from the inside i am a dead zombie.

You are like a bird in a cage without a door. What a tragic irony! It is only out of long aeons of habit that you are refusing to fly free.
Wake up! While there’s still time! Wake up!

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Your expectations are your problem. Stop expecting and start living.

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Whats up man. Good to hear from you. You know the eye contact reinforces why im doing this journey. I feel like its a positive result. As i build and become stronger i will eventually meet the right woman. Im passed the hooking up stage. My next goal is to meet the right woman. For me building this confidence sets me up well for when the opportunity comes.


There is no such thing as right woman or right man. One has to constantly work things out in a relationship, but it has to happen from both sides. Who knows a one night things may end up in marriage too. I have seen cases where people where just having fun but now they r married.


@17ripu.jhala No…:cry:

Come back with that impossible streak brother, and don’t let stress bring you down again.

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Agreed my friend. Relationships are constant work. My goal is to find a woman with the same beliefs and morals as myself as the baseline. From there we can build.

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Ok guys. I finally have a profile picture to display how i feel. Lets go. Another day, another win, another step in the right direction. Celebrate the small wins. No matter how small or big. Progress is a win. Lets go!


@AnkitK send to me graveyard Brother . I am not good enough for this competition .

Oh no!! :pensive:
Bhai tumhari aur resurgent ki mari padi hai, kucch karo bhaiyo. Defeat this addiction.


Elimination 20


@BruceLee You are all alone in the pit of slaves. Make it empty. :+1: (from upper gate, not lower gate :sweat_smile:)