Last Person Standing Match ⚔ [Finished]

My dear friends,
i relapsed today morning. Ya thats true. I don’t want to explain how i relapsed and trigger my friends out here. You guys are awsome.I wish all the best to members to reach the top spot.

I don’t hate myself either for the relapse. But i analyzed how i relapsed and found an important thing that i think you all should know.

Please do read and if anybody doing the same mistake, stop it immediately. Otherwise i fear you will also relapse someday or other.

Mistake : Focusing Too Much On NOT Watching Porn

Guess what?

If you’re thinking about not watching porn, you’re thinking about porn.

As long as porn is in your mind, you will have a lot of trouble letting it go.

The correct approach is to just forget about it .

Stop obsessing about what day you’re on.

Stop posting on your journal stuff like " Omg quitting porn is so difficult, the urges are so strong! "

Stop hanging out too much on this forum.

Just forget about porn. Disregard it as an option in your life.

Focus your mind on the stuff that matters. Your family, your dreams, your health, your career.

When urges arise, watch them mindfully. Observe them. Do not react. Do not suppress them. Do not push them away.

Just kindly smile and focus your mind on something else.

Watching porn is not an option. It’s not a part of your life anymore.

It’s a thing of the past.

So, am changing my strategies a bit. And will comeback stronger.

Please wish me luck brothers.


Exactly brother the key is to stay busy in hobby/goals.
Nothing else can give you a good streak.


i understand my mistake now bro.

I will correct that this time and will win a good streak.

Stay with me in this journey bro

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I am also suspicious. About the things going on here. This is why I deleted and flaged my post on exposing the porn industry. I don’t feel here is the best place to talk about these serious matters.

Everyone here knows you are a trustworthy person. We don’t know the same thing about tahar. His motives are unknown. And usually I distance myself from people who use his deceptive rethoric. Like when he banned you. Very diplomatic Approach.


I’ve got no problem with this bloke @Resurrection or with anyone for that matter. If he can be made a moderator again by the admin as per his discretion then my good regards will also be with @Resurrection.

See you all later!


There was a reason behind everything I did. It’s not just to enforce power or monarchy. There are 3 more mods who operate under their free will and I didn’t have any problems nor I enforced any kind of power. Of course as being the owner Rewire Companion I have to set and enforce some rules. That’s all.

After this reply I don’t think there was much left to discuss. And there’s no point in unnecessary drama. You should have expressed what you expressed now in that post instead of immaturely leaving.

It’s rude yes, but it’s tough love and there is nothing wrong in that, because it was backed by some sound and real advice.

Read above.

Please read this post

Why do you want leader tag?
Besides you could have asked for it instead of “hacking” it, when someone called you out, you deleted that post and edit the reply itself. Not cool at all man.

Only the current mods and myself will decide that.

It is not hacking, all moderators can use leader tag. Option was there and i used that.

You have read my personal messages heeeheeee.

You cant justify it as hacking. I dont know about hacking.

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Okay guys @Resurrection ,@Taher … Please stop here.

We all have much more important issues to address.


You can count me in anytime whenever u need help bro…


I was so emotionaly attached with the forum that it was a very tough decision for me to delete the app. All things happen for a reason. God grace is with me.

Self Respect comes always first,

i weeped that night after deleting the app. And tears came out like a ocean. The feelings flushed out. After 2 days,i felt i can live without this app.

I want to make real friends in real world. This app was hindering myself from that. The void of friends was filled by this app but we know that is not going to help in long run.

If you are emotionaly attached with me. I have a good news for you all. I will come here after my 100 days of hard mode to discuss my journey & help users.

You will be always in my heart.
Take care until then,


May God strength you for achieving 100 days as soon as . 100 दिन पूरे करने के साथ जब तुम वापस आओ तो एक different person देखने की इच्छा है जिसमें अपने लक्ष्य :policeman: पाने की आग हो , जो अपने स्वास्थ्य:weight_lifting_man: को पहली priority रखे, जो apni daughter aur wife :family_man_woman_girl: ke liye more loyal and responsible ho, जो हर दिन को खुशी से जी रहा हो, जिसे अब कोई sleeping pills ki jarurat nahi .

यह सब बदलाव लाना अपने जीवन में भाई ।
,तुम्हारी जगह कोई नहीं सकता भाई इस forum pe .

Nofap for life
Porn kills love
One life :heart:


I suggest not leaving, but moving forward with this new knowledge.
Massive respect for @Taher for creating this app.
It’d suck not having it


Resurrection Bro, only two people were able to save me:

  1. God
  2. This app (@Taher)

    and you are abusing the second one. Please don’t do this man.

You are realy a double faced person. I was realy immature to trust you.

You backstabed me ankit.

What happened? What did I do? :sweat_smile:

Trust me this app is just another substitute for facebook.

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Everybody please listen
Amafighter was tracking relapsers daily. Now, he does not want to do that. I am also busy these days. Can someone please add all people in group as companions and track them? If nobody takes this responsibility, then this group is gone.

I know that I spent one hour daily on this app for 90 days. But, it was worth it. Now I have reduced usage.


It would be a shame for the group to die out.

How much time does it take daily?

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I have relapsed … prepare my grave … i must die.