Last Person Standing Match ⚔ 6.0


  1. Entry deadline is first 3 weeks.
  2. Duration of match is 3 months. Hence the match would end on 24th November, 2020.
  3. 1 relapse within first 3 weeks will incur -300 points. For any relapse after 3rd week the participant will be eliminated.
  4. Daily check-in is encouraged. Not checking in for more than a week will lead to termination.

Scoring Rules:

  1. 100 points for every week on nofap.
  2. 500 points once someone crosses his highest streak.
  3. Every participant should take up at least 4 tasks from the list of tasks. 40 points will be given when someone completes at least 3/4 tasks on at least 6 days of the week.
  4. Every 4th week the participants should take up one additional task. Then they should do at least (all tasks - 1) on at least 6 days of the week to get 40 points.
  5. Tasks have been divided into mandatory tasks and elective tasks.

Task Rules:

Participants must do the below mentioned 4 mandatory tasks in first 3 weeks.
From the fourth week they shall select one additional task from the tasks list.

Mandatory Tasks:

These are the tasks which must be done by everyone. These are aimed at brainwashing the subconscious mind against PMO and making everyone obsessed with the goals that matter.

  1. Meditation : For the beginners 5-10 minutes meditation once a day is good enough.
  2. Affirmations : Maintain a journal and write (One-time activity) :
    a. why you are doing nofap ?
    b. how has it harmed you ?
    Read these answers daily.

First thing in the morning write (Daily activity):
a. what you want to achieve in life ?
b. why is it so important ?
In the night before going to sleep:
Read the journal again and introspect how aligned are you actions with your goals.

  1. Track your progress daily and check in rewire app with a summary.

4.Working on your dream. (Whats your dream. What are you doing to achieve it.)

Elective Tasks:

  1. Fixing the sleep schedule
  2. Cold Shower
  3. Yoga
  4. Workout
  5. Facing Your Fears Like Social Anxiety / Socialize /Talk to one new person
  6. Studying hard for your Goals.
  7. Going Outside Daily.
  8. Quitting other addictions.
  9. Worshiping or any spiritual practice
  10. Reading few pages of a good book daily
  11. Practicing gratitude / Giving back to society / Social work
  12. Spending quality time with your family
  13. Creative recreation (dancing, singing, playing an instrument)
  14. Cooking

To address any confusion about tasks:

First three weeks:
4 mandatory tasks - meditation, affirmation, daily check in, working on goals

From every fourth week:
4 mandatory tasks + 1 new task from list of elective tasks


  1. Why additional tasks every 4th week?
    Its scientifically established that in general it takes 3 weeks for a habit to establish. Hence an activity must be performed for 3 weeks.

  2. Why 4th mandatory task?
    This is related to your dream. The one thing that you always wanted to achieve. It can be getting a dream job, making lots of money, getting your dream girl or whatever for that matter. You need to have an action-plan for next 90 days as in what are you gonna do daily to reach your goal. The task that you do will be added as your 4th mandatory task. You can watch this video to get started
    How to Design Your Life’s Blueprint | Martin Luther King | Goalcast

  3. Why one relapse is allowed?
    It has been observed in the previous versions of the match that a majority of people relapse within first three weeks. But if they are given a second chance they do learn from their mistakes and even end up winning the match.

Scoreboard Format:

Age -
Gender -
Country -
Highest Streak -
Current Streak -
Sharing code -
Tasks: Meditation (Number of days), Daily Check-in (Number of days), Affirmations (Number of days), Goal Task (Number of days)
Total Points -

Important Note : Please sign up only if you can check-in daily


UserName- babi21
Age - 27
Gender - M
Country - India
Highest Streak - 332 days
Current Streak - 129 days
Sharing code - daaf29



  1. UserName - Ash_Matt
    Age - 17
    Gender -male
    Country - :india:
    Highest Streak - 37 days
    Current Streak - 37 days
    Sharing code - zs7f7h
    Tasks: Meditation 12, Affirmations 12, Goal Task 11
    Total Points - 500(HS) +300+120

  2. Username- pingpong1
    Country- :india:
    Highest streak -54days
    Current streak-54days
    Sharing code-q2wnau
    Tasks: Meditation 0, daily check-in 0
    Affirmation 0, Goal task 0
    Total points -100+40+100+40+500+100

  3. UserName- Deadpoolgupta
    Age -17
    Gender -Male
    Country - :india:
    Highest Streak -45 days
    Current Streak -21 days
    Sharing code - od7ore
    Tasks: Meditation- 14
    Daily Check-in-15
    Goal Task-20
    Wake up at 5(elective)- 4
    Total Points - 440


Sure… Thank you…

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I would like to join in the last man standing match.

Age - 25
Gender - M
Country - USA
Highest Streak - 10 days
Current Streak - 5 days
Sharing code - pzynqx


You are welcome… Please give your best and check in daily… All the best :+1::+1::+1:


Where do i need to post my daily checkins?

Please add your self in post 3… You need to check-in here itself…
Please visit the previous versions of the match… You will get an idea

Add yourself in post 4

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Im not sure what you mean, or how to add myself to the post. Please help, im new to this app.

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Scroll up… There is a scoreboard… Click the edit option… Add your details and save the post

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Age - 32
Gender - M
Country - RU
Highest Streak - 32 days
Current Streak - 0 days
Sharing code - a87b90


I"m so in :triumph: :triumph:
Username : Einzelganger
Age - 21
Gender - M
Highest Streak - 40
Current Streak - 9
Sharing code - uxriod


How points will be updated?We have to do them ourselves every week??

Sorry, I’m trying to reply in post 4 with my info, but I’m doing something wrong…

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Actually at the bottom right of the post, there is a small pencil icon(the second icon after reply). Use that to begin editing the original post instead of replying to it.
Enter your details there. @FindingFreedom @sahil1234

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Can I join this challenge without any tasks except
No problem if not.

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User name:- snehilsiddhartha
Age:- 16
Gender:- Male
Country:- India
Highest Streak :- 27 days
Current Streak :- 14 days
Sharing code:- 39xdx5


Sorry @pingpong1 the very premise of the match is to build habits. Hence tasks are indispensable. :slightly_smiling_face:
Give it a try if you dont like doing tasks then drop later.

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Bro i updated myself in the scoreboard.