Last Person Standing Match 2.0

Ok I will do it bro.

@_KarmaYogi I think you should change scoreboard as last person standing 1.0 simple and clean.

Why 1.0?

Count me in
Sc 2b3e8f7

Because I like that interface :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Folks, we are off to a great start.
Welcome everyone. This time let’s make it.



I have a question though, how many of you people feel it should be for only 90 days.?
I strongly feel the competition should be only for 90 days. My rationale is 95% of us have not even crossed 90 then why are we having an over ambitious Target of 200. Let’s get the basic reboot then target big. Once we reach 90 we will be more confident and will try for 200 with full might. I don’t want anyone to lose, I want everyone to win here. So let’s be practical

  • 90 days
  • 200 days

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Sonic889 29M Single :us: 06f2d4 Day 0

I’m unable to add myself to the scoreboard.

Go to page 2 there is an edit option

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Okay so the competition is for 90 days only.
Let’s do it guys. It’s very doable. Almost everyone of us has a highest streak of 50+.


Good luck all. You can do this. Expect it to be hard. But you can do it.


I see that fire in your brother.

This time you gonna make it.

Keep relaxed and be strong.

We are all here to support you


Thanks for the love & support.

No matter how hard it gets… but i am going to make it.


Yes we all are gonna make it


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Name: Andra
Age: 19
Single Male
Code: 2acaa7
CS: 121
Country: Indonesia :indonesia:

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Folks please update your streaks

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Do you mean update them on the scoreboard on in the thread?

I added myself as I couldn’t find my name in this scoreboard @_KarmaYogi

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I thought the match starts from 13th June and ends on 13th August.

Is it not like that? :thinking::thinking::thinking: