Last man standing challenge to all of you

Today is open last man standing challenge to all Serious Competatioers.
Join me if you want real competition.

(for real competition required more Competatioers)

Sharing code - 2df3gs *

Current streak - 0 days *
Highest streak - 26 days *
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - Pakistan


Im in! 65feff. So it will remain till only one man stills on?

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Your rewire companion screenshot?
Yet, I’m on first day and you?
Kindly provide honest feedback if you are out from this challenge.

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Here you go, must start on day 0?


No, it’s ok
You have to maintain this lead.

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“ovpxf4” I am in
Current streak 6days

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Kindly share your current screenshot.
Remember that;
“We are going on long way.”

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