Last man standing challenge (2022)

55 days completed

Day 184/365 completed​ :white_check_mark:

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@_TIGER when this challenge will be open again?

Next year bro … @Angryvolcan

Can u pls start a new challenge for this remaining part of half year it’s only day 1 today

Day 35/218 completed✅

Day 186/365 completed​ :white_check_mark:

I’m in boss add my name too

Day 188/365 completed​ :white_check_mark:

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l8v7ud please add me 7 days

I have relapsed today. Im happy for the achievement i have done.all the best for the rest of the people

Day 41/218 complete :white_check_mark:

Could u please add me too

Please add
And I challenge u won’t able to beat me

Day 43/218 complete :white_check_mark:

Days 4 complete/ 176 days remains

4/180 days completed
176 remains

Day 44/218 complete✅

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