Last man standing challenge (2022)

Day 75
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never gonna give you up

Bosono ecocowcb wocowb9x wchoqchoxh choahoxh

Day 22/218
Sorry for being late🙂

Is their any separate group for june-dec challenge or this is only group for both yearly and half yearly challenge

5/206 days till the end of the year
Cs - 5 days

Robustguy03 27M - jx3pgc (H.S : 25 Days)

Day 173/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

Day 23/218 completed✅

Yesterday was my birthday, today is 2/365 till the end of my 24, where I’ll have become a true man and stepped in the real wild world.
2/356 :white_check_mark:

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Day 24/218 completed✅

Day 3/365 :white_check_mark: Completed :facepunch:

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Day 25/218 completed✅

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Day 79
June 22
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Take me with you guys… I need your help

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Day 27/218 completed✅
Gratitude :blush::blush::blush:

Day 178/365 Check in :white_check_mark: