Last man standing challenge (2022)

7/213 days till the end of the year
CS - 32 days

Day 162/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

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June 8
Day 65
check in :white_check_mark:

Day 163/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

Day 164/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

Day 165/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

Day 166/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

12/213 days till the end of the year
CS - 36 days

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Day 167/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

Ive relapsed today
0/206 days till the end of the year

13 June
Day 71
check in :white_check_mark:

40 days completed

Im back lol

Day 168/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

Day 197

Feeling at much more ease now and confident that 365 days is within reach and even 730 days.
But wont let the trap of hubris capture me this time since last time also i falsely thot that i have conquered it but fell down.
Now I hve analysed and more importantly, now I believe in the ill effects on my life and can visibly see the positive effects of being porn free.
Hope to be sober for life. Stay strong guys.

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Bro may be 999 days or 9 minute a small mistake can make a relapse… :pray::pray:

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Day 169/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

41 days of nofap completed.

Day 171/365 Check in :white_check_mark:

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Day 172/365 Check in

I’d like to join this challenge.