Lack of love and lonelynes

Hi guys, im suffering lack of love. Since i give up masturbation and sex, i feel more lonelynes , the sex-romantic relationship was my principal source of love…so its done. I have to learn another way of relation. Also my relationship with my family is almost destroyed.And part of it is indirect consecuence of sex adiction. Hard day for me.


It can be tough. But you must learn how to embrace loneliness. I’ve been single for more than a year now. At the beginning I was depressed due to not having a loved one around. Then slowly i started to appreciate my own company. I started reading, writing, painting, working. I discovered my true potential by being alone. It doesn’t mean I will live alone forever. But this period has helped me become more authentic. I hope it helps or at least gives you some hope.


Focus on bettering yourself, then you will better other people.

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In my first days i was on the same situation, these are the emotions that you kept locking up instead of dealing with when you where watching porn, you would just watch jerk off and not have to take anything and deal with now this situation is a teacher embrase this feeling this moment, this opportunity to prove yourself, this the moment you start building yourself, this is a gold moment take it!

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Thx i will take the advices

There are many things to enjoy other than porn and masterbation, The thing is you have to find it, Find new hobby, Replace your bad habits with good one, Also try to socialise and make friends communicate with other people it will help you beat loneliness. As you said lack of love it sounds like you’re suffering from flatline but don’t worry, It is temporary and will pass soon. Stay Strong.