Krizz Diary (Day 1)

Well the clock has just ticked it’s last tick and 1 day is over, not much, but 1 day is better than none.
After I started to run, my mind and thoughts have been more calm. This weekend I run 5K for first time, it was so nice and liberating. It gave a boost in my self confident I really needed, the more I get to experience different goals in my life, the more certain I become that I have the mindset at determined to win the battle.

I never thought many men wanted to stop watching porn. So this app was like a fresh summer rain. It really made me see that the world is filled with genuine warm people who just want to live a normal life. But is imprisoned by the addiction. Please. Let’s all try to help each other with conquering this poisoning. And thx for all the honest diaries and topics you all share :grin: next goal 3 days :muscle:


You got this bro!! We are here for ya, it’s awesome you have taken up running, it really helps with urges, keep up the good work, onward and upward!!!

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