*Knock Knock* Where's TheFinalFrontier ? TheFinalFrontier is busy LIVING his DREAM LIFE. What are you doing?

I couldn’t wake up early today. I don’t know what has happened to me. Before if I would say I would wake up, I would force myself to do it. But now I just don’t do it somehow. Maybe it is because of no big streaks recently. But I will try to sleep a bit earlier today.

I have also relapsed again. I have become a weak man who is an addict and nothing more.

Please I do not want any support or motivation from any of my friends here. I know I have messed up and the only reason is that I have become weak. I would suggest nobody talks to me as I do not deserve it. I am just updating my streak to keep record of it. I am ashamed of this relapse. Do not encourage me as I do not deserve it. I need to think deeply as to WTF I am doing with my life.

I am not focussed on my purpose even if I have defined it. I need to forget about the concept of NoFap and everything related to it and be obsessively working on my purpose.

I am fapping again and again.

This fully focussing on the purpose thing does not work because as I have the urge I quickly search dirty shit and rub one out.

I am not OBSESSED about my Vision.

But at the same time I do believe that I need to brainwash myself to hate it.

The solution is clear.

Brainwash myself.

Activities :

  • Visualize my goals like crazy two times a day
  • Brainwashing myself that I am free from this addiction and do not need it- two times a day
  • Meditate and workout every single day without fail
  • Listening to TheEasyPeasy Audiobook every day while working out without fail for the entire year 2021 every single day
  • Whenever I am about to search something or waste time on social media I will shout to myself “NO. I owe myself greatness.”
  • Visualize my goals when I get horny / withdrawals kick in and get to work immediately

Bro, it’s not about brainwashing yourself. It’s about taking away the brainwashing done on your mind. Our friends, this society, our cousins everyone does pmo. It’s because they are brainwashed into thinking that doing pmo is ok.
It’s not! It’s a supranormal stimulus, its kills our Brian. You have to really understand YOU ARE NOT ENJOYING DOING PMO.
Bro, do pmo while you are reading that book do pmo (first read it bro, then listen to audio book). As you are doing it be very conscious about what you are feeling. See that how you are crossing the red line and escalating into more extreme contents. Understand what you are feeling. If you are watching normal porn videos or pictures you maybe feeling numb due to your desentized brain. Our brain needs more shocking, fear producing, anxiety producing or novel content to wake up the shut down dopamine receptors. Be very conscious and ask: Iam I enjoying this?
What Iam I feeling?

The truth is you are not enjoying it!

You are doing it because the little monster (dopamine addiction) in your body needs his fix. He is sending you the withdrawal pangs. This withdrawal pangs send by little monster is taken over by the big monster in your mind (ie. brainwashing) and you feel deprived.
When you really understand the concepts of that book and you close your browser the final time you’ll
be free. You’ll be in elation. I still the remember, the euphoria I was going through on Nov 25 when I closed my browser that evening. I was dancing, singing, I took my bike and went outside. One of the happiest day of my life in 2020.
You can do this, please read that book. Take 7-10 days. Stop doing everything else. As you read, do pmo also. Then take YBOP. Then wack by Noah church. Also watch videos by the YouTube channel fight the new drug. Also watch some interviews of ex- porn stars whose life got destroyed due to this addiction.
You can. really understand that book. I have done it.
Iam free!

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PMO is poison I wont fap today at any cost.


@Tagore I have just one thing to say.

Thank you. You are an inspiration.

Maybe that’s two things. But you deserve it.

Tagore has done the impossible and this shows that anything is possible guys.

Tagore finally quitting PMO COMPLETELY is like that moment where Roger Bannister finished the 4 Minute mile.

It opens new possibilities for us.

If he can do it, so can we. Let’s be free.

I want you @Tagore to not come to the forum if you think you might be brainwashed again.

Come back after 3 years and show us your GREATNESS.

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This is my last post here. Finally. (Thanks for tolerating me. I know I have been a pain in the pass especially the last several months where I have been constantly relapsing.)

This year is coming to an end. I am finally going full into my purpose.
I don’t care about relationships.
I don’t care about porn / women / sex.
I don’t care about social media and chatting.
I don’t care about friends.

I am done with this bullshit.

I am going to be fully focussed on my purpose now.
And for that I need to be an Akhand Brahmachari.
And that is only possible with the will of God.

So I will ask and pray to God for strength on this journey.
I cannot do it while spilling my seed.
I have thought about it and I think I will not regret not dating a single woman for the next 3 years for my Vision 2024.
The kind of women that take interest in me now are below-average anyway. So I am not missing out on anything. Maybe on practising flirting and stuff. But I do not care.
Because I will not be looking for a hot babe in the future (maybe I will) who will just be a distraction from my mission.
I want to be completely focussed on my mission and grind it out every single moment.
I WANT to achieve this. I have been trying so much to succeed but I have been failing.
I have realized that I am clear with my Life Purpose and it is disrespecting the Higher Self within me if I waste my time on Silly pleasures.
I want to be GREAT and I WILL BE CONSTANTLY dissatisfied if I WASTE time typing MY RELAPSES ON THIS GROUP and doing other bullshit.
If I so get weak and relapse somehow I will not be posting anymore. Because I do not want to take the relapse too seriously. If I relapse, it is fine, I will brush myself up and get back to work without wasting any single moment on bullshit.
I wish everyone on this group to be free from this addiction.
I do not want to waste a single thought on anything that is not towards my purpose.
I wish you all the best on your journey.
I know it will not be easy and I have tried and failed a million times but I wont stop till I get the OBSESSION and PASSION of a Steve Jobs, or a Mark Zuckerberg, or an Elon Musk, Or Tesla Or a Swami Vivekananda, or an S. Ramajuna, or an APJ Abdul Kalam or the next greatest in this list which is me, @TheFinalFrontier, or so they call me now.


All the best brother.
Take things very seriously and make it happen.
Iam not the first to do it using Easy-peasy method bro.
@Bashi introduced it here and he almost conquered the addiction.
Then @murshid he deleted his rewire account because he doesn’t want it anymore.
@Byebyemediocrity and many others have conquered this addiction in the right way. You can too bro @TheFinalFrontier
If you check in YouTube about easypeasy method you’ll see thousands of smokers and alcoholics who completely conquered there years of addiction using this method. They give first person account about it. It works. It is the only, right way, I believe.


We will win this brother…This Community will make sure of the future generation in fighting the new drug The Po*n

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All the best on your journey my brother. I wish you all the success and good results of your purpose. :+1::fire:


I have been relapsing again and again and again even after commiting it. This is a sign of addiction. But every relapse was a confirmation of how deadly a trap PMO is.

The few realizations that I have had since my last relapses, some of which I have even mentioned in my previous posts are -

  • We MOSTLY relapse when we are in poor mental state.
  • We SOMETIMES relapse due to physical urges.
  • EVERY relapse leads to a poor mental state without fail.
  • We crave the HIGH of ORGASM (atleast me) from PMO.
  • We want to ejaculate asap to get that HIGH.
  • PMO causes the initial poor mental state in the first place and it also gives us the HIGH that covers it temporarily. Like an ointment that relieves pain temporarily but makes it worse after some time.

SOLUTIONS (Simple but not easy) :

  • Keep in a positive mental state. Meditate, pray and don’t stress too much.
  • If you happen to be in a negative state, change your state by meditation or incantations.
  • If you CRAVE the HIGH when you have urges, give yourself the High by an alternative source, e.g. WIM HOF BREATHING or RUNNING or EXERCISE or any activity that does it for you in a healthy way.
  • Make your subconscious believe deeply that PMO is NOT PLEASURE. It still associates it with pleasure because of millions of fap sessions. It is pain disguised as Pleasure.

Now why am I still relapsing when I know the truth fully.

Guys, the mystery of PMO addiction is already solved. And yet millions including me are still struggling. Why is that ?

Let’s look at the solutions.

  • Keep in a positive mental state. Meditate, pray and don’t stress too much.
    Comment - Yes, this one is good and probably most of us meditate daily now. It definitely helps.
  • If you happen to be in a negative state, change your state by meditation or incantations.
    Comment - Works temporarily, but for the brain the shortcircuit of pleasure is PMO. Atleast so it believes. So it would immediately want PMO when you feel like shit. Needs willpower to rewire your brain to seek pleasure in meditation and not PMO.
  • If you CRAVE the HIGH when you have urges, give yourself the High by an alternative source, e.g. WIM HOF BREATHING or RUNNING or EXERCISE or any activity that does it for you in a healthy way.
    Comment - Again, you can get good quality high by Wim Hof Breathing and exercise but it is not immediate and the brain is one lazy bastard. We have train our minds to do Wim Hof Breathing and satisfy that HIGH when we feel that urge.
  • Make your subconscious believe deeply that PMO is NOT PLEASURE. It still associates it with pleasure because of millions of fap sessions. It is pain disguised as Pleasure.
    Comment - Now, this is the tricky part. This is the reason why @Tagore and many others in this group have quit and most including me still struggle. I am a 100 % sure at this point that it is 10-15 years of training the subconscious mind and associating PMO with pleasure that has caused the problem. 10-15 years of training cannot be changed in a day , a week or even a month. You have to REALLY believe that PMO is POISON and that you do not need to consume it any longer. Easier said than done. The EasyPeasy book is nothing but an attempt to remove that brainwash of associating PMO with Pleasure and making us hate it. Really the whole book is nothing. It is repeating the same things again and again.

Now, we have analysed the whole problem.
Based on these we have to do the following every single day :

  • Meditate and exercise daily
  • Pray to God for Akhand Brahmacharya. Beg to that higher power. Some day he will listen. And then greatness is yours.
  • Do Wim Hof Daily
  • Repeat to yourself that you are free from this addiction every single day and that PMO is poison. One day it will get ingrained into your psyche but till then keep repeating.

I am not there yet but I am gonna repeat this affirmation again and again and again till I either quit PMO or die trying.

This is the WORST thing that ever happened to me.

PMO is the worst thing that ever happened to me.

It is sad that my brain still associated it with pleasure.

2021 is coming and I have promised to myself that Vision 2024 of 3 years of Akhanda Brahmacharya will be realized. I will die trying.

But again, as I promised, I won’t post on this group anymore. Because I am FREE FROM THIS DEADLY ADDICTION. Atleast that’s what I am trying to fool myself to believe.
By the end of 2022 I want to write a success story of how I never did a single lustful act and overcome every struggle to be at the TOP.

See you on the top and wish you a very happy new year.

  • No sexual thoughts.
  • No PMO
  • No looking at women
  • No dating

I need to be on MONK MODE for atleast 1 year to fully recover.
Join me on the mission of 2021 : Year of Akhanda Brahmacharya





The fact that we are even trying to quit means we are not focussed on our PURPOSE enough.


Bro, another most Important thing I found out after I relapsed even after implementing the easypeasy is that pmo is nothing in our life.
Yeah, it is not positive and not negative. It is nothing, try to keep a neutral feeling.
Iam trying out a new method this time bro @TheFinalFrontier

the spreadsheet method.

For people like us who masturbate regularly this is the best method. Keep a spreadsheet or calendar or something like that. Then, focus 100% on your goals and purpose. Meditate, exercise, be disciplined everyday. Don’t think that pmo is poison, Iam free like that.
Even if you think, negatively about pmo the same neural pathways will wake up. That is how our brain works. So the only way to get over this addiction is build new neural pathways or lighten the old pathways fixed on your purpose and don’t touch the neural pathways of this addiction.
To do that we shouldn’t think positively or negatively about pmo. We should leave it at that. Let it be. It is there and we don’t have time to care for it.
Still, you may get urges, let it come.
This is what Iam doing now, I’ll go forward and even if I relapse I’ll relapse without porn.
Never use porn. It’ll kill you.
The reason we binge after a relapse is that we think all our progress are gone. We’ll say, lets start from square one after I jack off 3-4 more times.
This is what kills our brain. Focus 100% on your purpose. The urge to fap will go away. Live life.
And by the end of the month take the spreadsheet and analyse your improvement. You may have moved from relapsing 10 times to 3-4 times a month. That is a great improvement.

we need a long term approach bro.

And focusing on our streak is a short term approach.
As you said, 10-12 years of brainwashing by pmo should go away and that won’t happen in a 100 days or even 200 days streak. If reaching the 90 days milestone or 100 days was the criteria for getting over addiction we would have been free much before :sweat_smile: Addiction will go away gradually as our focus falls 100% on living our life and following our purpose.
Iam keeping a spreadsheet now. you can try it too.
It is helping me.
Fuck this challenge and all. It is all a short term view.

Our aim is not getting out pmo. Our aim should be becoming who we really are. Our aim should be achieving our dreams and goals

And pmo will go away as a side effect.

This my friend, I believe is the right way.


Who u doing buddy? I hope ur doing good

I hoped so too.

I have relapsed multiple times already.

But I will bounce back.

How about you ? I hope you are doing good with your journey

@Tagore my man you are definitely right. The real problem is not PMO. It is that I do not want to achieve my goals bad enough. Elon Musk does not have time for PMO. Steve Jobs didn’t have to worry about it. They were obsessed about making a difference. I am not. This needs to change.