Knight 29 Diary , recovering freedom

Begining my journey again i just relapse but i know its not everything lost and i can stand up and start the battle again until is win because fight for my happiness and freedom will be always worth it.

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No matter how many times you fall, what matters is whether you get up and run again or not.

All the best.

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Day 1. Finally starting again my journey. Lets keep going until its done

Day 2. Yesterday I recieved a great notice and it is a new triumph and goal in my life as a Gift of God, so i think its something to keep in mind about how worthy is to keep going on this path of freedom for a life without PMO.

Day 3. Some urges but everything fine , the cold shower is always helpful in the recovery.

Day 5. Two days without being able to write , which is good because i didnt have time to think about PMO , but in the other hand today I’m having urges again because I had an stressful situation with my family and my brain and body are looking for an easy way out which is a total lie. So I’m keeping myself strong in this moment of struggle knowing that is better a bad day being sober than a day of regret because of a relapse.