Kingslayer's diary [24 M]

Creating a diary for first time. I am not a new user, had this app about 3 years ago, achieved a long streak then I just uninstalled it. But recently relapsed many times so came back again…
A lot of things happened in a year. Sometimes I think I am doing good in life, then baam, feeling miserable. Anyway, I will try my best to stay positive that’s why writing this diary.

I have deleted browser and play store from my phone to make watching p impossible… But let’s see if it works or not…


Day 2 :slightly_smiling_face:
Had huge urge after waking in the morning. Very usual for me. Most of my relapses happen in morning.

Day 3: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Feeling good. Going great.

Btw, does anyone know how to access my diary easily. I have to scroll through posts to find. Is there an easy way?

Have you tried bookmarking the URL in your browser?

I use app on phone… I found bookmark feature in the app but it doesn’t work

Day 4 : :neutral_face:
Had some urges. Feeling a little tired

Day 5 : :grin:
No urges. Although, was missing my ex :joy: That made my mood a little up-down. Talked to my family a lot. Overall, very nice day.

Day 6 : :grinning:
Today was easy. Nothing but good vibes😻

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When you open the forum page, there’s a tool box on the upper end of the page. On the right end of it, you’ll find the icon of your profile picture. Click on that. A dialogue box will open, on the right end of which you’ll see profile icon. Click on that. The options that will be thrown open will include summary, activity etc… You can click either, but for ease, click activity. Then a page will open with 2 boxes on the top. “Activity” will be written in the left box and on the right box it’ll be written as “All”. Click on this “All” box. You’ll see options which will include “Topics”, click on that. Now you’ll be able to access all the topics you have created in one go. Have a good day.

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Found it. Thanks…:+1::+1::+1:

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Day 7 : :expressionless:
Morning was good but my mood took a downturn in the evening. Constant restlessness in evening :expressionless: missing ex, having urges, can’t focus on studies. I hope tomorrow will be better…

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Bro , I think u are the one who is thinking abt ur ex. Do u think ur ex must also be thinking about u ?
I personally never been in a relationship, but I have seen here many men relapsing coz of ex …

Stay strong , be successful and girls will automatically will come . These relationships and love affairs all are fake .

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Day 8 : :pleading_face:
Last night was one of the worst. Constant urges and anxiety :face_vomiting:

Today is just sad. World looking grey and dark and just no excitement. It happens to me in winters. But it may also be withdrawal symptoms. I hate Delhi’s winters, so much pollution​:mask::mask:

Come faster rainy season.


Day 10 : :pensive: Relapsed.

Don’t be sad bro , You can do this!
Get up and try again!

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