Karan's Diary [23 M]

Hi it’s day 9, want to complete my journey to 1000 Day…and will update every chenges of my body in this Diary…thank you.

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Hi Buddy, that’s awesome.
Only a very humble suggestion: i am not an expert but from my experience, Make sure you set yourself short term goals.

Failing to plan is planning to fail and 1000 days is almost 3 years. If you think this is your short term goal and thats how your brain works, thats awesome. i am with you.
but if you have tried before and relapsed or if you relapse in the future, please please please DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. IT IS OKAY.
I am sure you can free yourself from this and go over the 1000 days mark… it will not matter anymore because you will be FREE as a bird by then, the world is yours.
all I can tell you for now, is good luck, YOU CAN DO IT… ONE DAY AT A TIME.


Thank you…I will set short goals from now…thanks again for supporting…have a great life :heart:

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Day 12… still weak…no urges cause I’m keeping busy myself…I started gym today with my brothers and they are also doing nofap challange… peace☮️.

Day 17

3rd day of gym…no urges… using YouTube in need only… started guitar lessons it’s been 4 days an it is day 6 of quarantine hear in mumbai.

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Day 23

  1. Regular gym.
  2. Started to learn Guitar in this quarantine.
  3. Hard to control urges this days.
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