Just wondering or maybe am the only one

Is anybody else out there dealing with non stop nightfalls am having way too much of them i thought they would decrease but they have just increased since the beginning of this year. Sometimes I have 3 in a row

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Sleep with your family. Close to them.

I don’t choose to have them consciously but to be honest with you I am 50/50 with wetdreams right now

I thought nightfalls was fap on bed. So if it is a wetdream isnt bad for nofap, no need to restart counter.

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Not trying to be rude but what do you mean by fap on bed like knowingly touching yourself or dreaming and pressing your penis against your bed?

I would try to learn about lucid dreaming then resolve the situation in the dreamscape. Also I think I read something about solar qigong to stop nightfall in a book of Mantak Chia.

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Fap on bed is masturbate on bed. Not asleep.

I do not fap I am saying that when I am sleeping I have wetdreams/nightfalls.

If ony it was that easy but i would pay good many to learn it

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Actually erotic dreams are a very good trigger to realize that you are dreaming (and by this transcending into lucidity). Important is to keep a dream diary so you can identify a situation as a dream by recognizing familiar patterns.