Just Stop and Pray!

One of the great lessons I learned from the big book of alcoholics anonymous is they share pretty much everything with us which ofcourse made me anxious to know there 12 steps for getting cured and the first 3 can be summurized as 1. We can’t do it on own but God can so we ask him to step in and help us doing it, I know its easy to take blame god for the whole thing to protect ourselves but seriously its all our fault, its sometimes hard to pray in that sinful state that seprated us from God but contuining the journey with out him is the death of the soul since he is the life itself, in times of temptation and urges remember the most basic thing stop everything you doing and pray, ask saint augustine’s imtercession he was in similar situation and he can relate to our pains
, happy to hear your thoughts!


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