Just some talk about no fap

How do you all see no fap as ?

And share some things about how you were before no fap like finances education work habits everything relationship life now after no fap please share …

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Brother, NoFAP is the normal state of a man. When we do PMO, we become less than a man. We become less attractive, less masculine and we turn ourselves into week men.

When you are a normal man (and that means you do not do PMO), you have time and energy to work on things that matter.

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Thank you so much for your valuable ideas and thoughts …


For me, I’m new to nofap. But, I can see from the early days of abstinence from PMO, that some delayed tasks and projects are now being done quickly, I have better mood, and a more positive outlook in life.

Girls I see outdoor are now more attractive to me than when I used to do PMO. Despite me being confident because I’ve been working out for more than 10 years, after trying nofap, I can feel more confident than before.

Nofap will be easier for you if you identified the “why”. Why do you want to stop PMO? If you don’t know why, eventually you will relapse, as willpower without having a purpose will get you only so far.


Thank you so much for your valuable idea :grin:

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