Just relapsed it's not over

After my first serious attempt at nofap i made it 41 days and about 12 hours. I relapsed and i think I know why. After not fapping for a while I started to fantasize it and in my head I was missing out on something or removing a pleasure that i needed. I should’ve known better but i think 41 days ain’t to shabby for a first go. Going for at least 60 days this time. I want to make sure to avoid a relapse day or relapse week because I have never broken such a long streak but i hear that this is what happens alot. I was defeated today but not forever. I will come back stronger and smarter with more experience and more determination. Good lucck fellows. God is great. I am so lucky to be starting my nofap journey at age 16. I know my future is bright.


Brother i am with you.
Take part in my World Championship acc. Group. It will help in the initial days.