Just ready to give up completely

I’ve been on a horrible binge and am beyond depressed. I’m ready to take my life because I don’t see my life changing or my behavior stopping. I can’t find happiness and anything and fapping isn’t any help. I’ve other issues besides this and not fapping would be like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. Fapping was my escape from my other issues not even that can save me. I wish I could believe it would change things or a positive in anything but I can’t anymore. Good luck to those who keep fighting.


Somewhere in your heart, you know that you don’t want to do it and that’s why you are here… Intensify that one thing which is giving you hope… Suicide is not the solution, grow a pair and grapple the fuck out of your problems. If you are ready to let go of yourself, why not start off with your inhibitions first and give yourself one more chance?


@Bravesfan88 stay strong brother. Self harm is a mental trap. It sounds good but literally leads to dead end. I don’t know you but I’m positive your existence is meaningful and you’re better off here than not. I don’t know what other things you have going on but this issue We’re all tackling here can be overcome. And I bet thatd be a great start for you to be able to see all the other areas of your life that are worth living for. You’ve got support here. Praying for you tonight.


i was there too.
i already planned how to leave and was ready to go.
but from my point now i can tell you that it can always become better.
some advise:
if you have the possibility, go to a therapist. it is by far the fastest way to get out of this. and also the savest.
don’t focus on nofap. work on your problems.
what i did was to say that i watch porn every other day for an hour or two. that already reduces the time spent fapping a lot.
but you really need to work on the other issues. i know that you don’t like to do that or that you don’t know how. but that is the only way out of this trap