Just putting out

Just had a stupid fight over nothing, after a wonderful day. I don’t know what happens to her. And I’m not a proud person, I look very hard to find my mistakes and fix them… But I did nothing. I was happy, and cheerful…I looked out the car’s window and that was it. There was a girl outside more or less at the same direction, I swear I hadn’t even noticed her, but that was it…a huge fight and we’re in separated rooms.

I’m alone and angry and feeling deeply suffocated. I always ran to porn as it never disappointed me, it never said no, it was always there.
I know how big is the toll of PMO, and I don’t want to relapse. I won’t relapse, I don’t have that right.
But the pain is so big, I was so happy… I feel tired of everything

@iwillnotfap if you gave your explanation and it wasn’t good enough it might take some time to pass before she forgives you. Find another way to release your frustration :tired_face: besides porn. Try something new to see if it works.

You can’t turn to PMO, you’ve made a commitment on the nofap journey. You don’t want to suppress your emotions. Talk it out with your girl when you have calmed down. I’m sure the misunderstanding can be hashed out. Thanks for coming here to Rewire for this. Maybe this will give you something to think about. :thinking:

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