Just need some support

Hi my name is ChristianMan! I’m 14 years old and a male. So… I wanna just open up and see how people can give advice to this… I’m not addicted to real porn as much because I can’t get access to it with the exception of like if I bring my laptop to somewhere with me which is like once a month… I mean, I would be if I could but this isn’t the point… So I watch all the soft porn I can find on YouTube because I have no other platforms… Youtube is actually blocked too I just use a downloader… I’ve been addicted since I was like 8… That’s not super accurate but I don’t really know… I just mean since I’ve been really young… I relapse in streaks of like 5 days and then go on a streak of like 4-6 days and then fall in the cycle again… I’m currently in a relapse cycle… And you could tell me every possible thing to get out of this addiction and trust me I hear you… But I pretty much refuse to get out of my comfort zone… And trying the same thing over and over is insanity right?? I just want to know how people who are succeeding or have succeeded before got out of their comfort zone… Like what was driving you?? My willpower has gone to shit (I barely ever curse bc I thnk jts bad btw my life is a mess rn and now I’ve begun to struggle with this too) and I can’t think of anything that I won’t end up not caring about when an urge comes… I just wanted to say that and want to know if anyone’s been here and how they got out… Just let me know… I love yall GOD bless!!!


I have went through this stage, when you’re down with no vibes any simple urge, you follow. I would tell you. There’s a spike in my motivation when I read books and articles.

It happens like a flash and you want to quit again. All I can say is to just find books, likely on the dangers of Porn. Then once you are motivated to quit, set up your device to be hard to crack.

STAYGFOCUS and Bulldog Blocker can be of help.


Long story short… I cannot get passed small streaks of not relapsing… Whenever a stronger urge comes along I’ll just be like… and it doesn’t matter it’s only a small streak you’ll get here again… My highest streak is 14 days… I’m terrible at facing urges man… Idk what to do

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