Just joined and need a companion

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - ?
Age - 29
Gender - M
Location - Canada/China

I just joined the community. I need to make some life changes and I think this community is a great idea.

I’ve made some really poor decisions the last few years, and maybe trying to stop my faping will help me to get my head on straight and make better choices.

I’m on Day 0 and would like a companion to help me battle my addictions.

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Hey man. I’ll gladly add you currently I’m 1 day in and this time I want to do it all the way. My code is 41ecc0 add me and let’s battle together.

Welcome brother, feel free to add me. 46b729
We all make bad or impulsive decisions, the good thing is you are accepting your mistakes and are trying to not repeat them in future. PMO blinds us by the craving for momentary pleasures and which effects our decision making too. Just be patient and have faith in yourself, dont give in to temptations.
Stay Strong and Happy Nofapping

Hey mate, here’s my code : 5490aa

I’m new here. Here is my code, add me - 9787da

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