Just giving you guys my sharing code

My sharing code : 3fndz9, feel free to add me.

From India, 28 years old male and on my 83rd day of no PMO.

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added you ! let the journey begin

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What benefits did you witness after such a long streak?

Many actually… For starters, less brain fog (I was diagnosed with General anxiety disorder 5 years ago, I am over all that but brain fog comes and goes sometimes, anxiety is not a problem for me but getting rid of that fog is a big deal for me)… So clear headed and could take important decisions easily (broke up from a toxic relationship), no guilt ( better version of myself and me masturbating seems like a distant past which I am forgetting about, slowly though, still a long way to go), more happiness, more focus on important things in life, the feeling of wanting to be successful, setting goals for myself and working towards them ( like exercise, or preparing for jobs), less anxiety, could manage myself better, more time with myself. I still get the cravings, once a day or once in two days or something but it gets easier to handle them over time. Obviously every girl seems like the prettiest in the world. Definitely a bit more spiritual than before (Well, not many sins right?), just happy with myself, comfortable with myself, more confident, loving myself. The way I used to be before, from my eyes now, I feel, is that even me? I did all that? But again, forgetting all of them, and properly changing my life is gonna take time, hopefully I stay in this path long enough to see that day.

Good luck to you on this journey.


Thank you brother for this inspiring post.

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