Just found out my cousin loved me☹

I found out my cousin used to be in loved with me but bcoz of pmo i was shy and never talked to her about a realtionship. Thats one girl got passed me but i gotta stay strong and defeat it so i wont fail in the future stay strong guys :muscle::muscle:

Wait… Would you actually date your cousin?


Its kinda awkward xD


Yeah thats what im saying…

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I think though its not a big deal unless they are genetically connected.

I know a guy who was discreetly meeting with a cousin. Neither of his/her parents knew about it xd

I mean… It may seem thrilling but its kinda abnormal… At least i would not do it. But if its not blood related at all. I would go deep inside

I dont see whats wrong with it i mean i actullay liked the girl and its not like shes my sister shes my uncles daughter idk if where ur from is prohabited or not okay :hugs:

After watching this, I won’t even marry someone with the same surname as mine, let alone a first cousin.