Just Edged! Need help

Guys today was my day 22 and I edged today for about 12 mins. During that period I was telling myself that what would happen to my future if I relapsed.
I need help to make my mind go away from all the filth that I saw today. Pls help


Hey. Congrats for the 22.
I recommend you try to think about all the benefits you have reach during these 22 days and change your thoughts to your major purpose, that is to become free from this issue. Feed your mind and thoughts with healthy things that makes you feel good. Have you acessed p… content or just fantasied it?
Good luck and don’t give up, keep giving your best!


Edging = Relapse …

You have given the Brain the dopamine . It doesn’t matter you ejaculate or not … Damage has been done.

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Relapse is 100 times better than edging.

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