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So I just realized and was just living with the truth , that I’m never gonna get laid until I get married(of course arrange marriage) and it feels like shit(but I get to used to it) which is going to take several years(5years or more), and at the same time also have a strong will power to not to fap over porn, no masturbation at all. Do you think is it possible to live a life given no masturbation or having sex in their early 20’s, and focusing on pursuing their goals. I’m just curious about if I do not fap for a long time would it be harmful in the long run?. And if is this kind of life style is possible in real life ?

Info about me
Currently working and living alone in other city.
Current streak- 83 days

Looking for suggestions

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I’m sure that it is possible. I’m also pretty sure that it isn’t harmful to not masturbate.
I also feel like you are not missing anything if you don’t masturbate. I don’t think that it has much in common with sex. So, it is not as if it would prepare you for something.

I feel like it would be really hard for me to change from a fap monster directly to noporn and nofap but damn your streak is 83 days. So, you are already a nofap beast :slight_smile:

I think it is a good idea to not masturbate. if you can do it then go for it


I can totally relate to you , I m in my early 20s and I am always busy on making a sucessful career and I have been rejected by girls for like 4times. So I realised instead of wasting time chasing girls I should focus on my goals first which is doing what I love! And I think it is totally normal , every one have their preferences and choices👍

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It’s actually a vicious circle man. The thing is, if you focus on your objectives, more girls will get attracted to you. But if you go around chasing girls you will never get any just because you will look desperate. You have to find the strength to keep your mind away from girls and sex and focus on your goals, then the girls will come to you without you even trying to attract them.
As for living a whole life without fapping, I have not so much experience but I guess it’s just a havit like another, and it will just seem natural not to fap after a certain time. Do you wake up in the morning thinking «what if I spent all my money in drugs today»? Of course not, because it makes no sense. I think that the ultimate goal that we all have in common is to make our lives better and build something, so that masturbation will not make sense anymore to us.
Keep strong you’re almost at 90 days🔥


If you spend your teen energy in making your career now,
Then hot chicks will get in line to marry you.


That’s was really helpful brother, and I can totally relate to it, it’s really stressful getting rejected by girls. But I’ve realized and excerpted the truth I’m much more motivated towards my goal

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Haha this is what exactly I’m trying to work on.

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I’ve learnt that lesson now, and trying to not give a fuck about girls anymore , as much as possible. Thank you for the suggestion brother .And I’ve already added you on my companion don’t you dare breaking the streak✌️

Thank you for making me feel good.:blush:

I can’t promise I won’t but I CAN promise to do my best lets do this together

That’s the spirit.:joy::joy::rofl::upside_down_face:

Masteradtion wont be of any help rather it decreases sexual power and can cause PIED. Better you focus on good things and if you get a gf then can enjoy a healthy sexual life.Sex with gf before marriage is absolutely fine