Jung Shuru - My Diary [24 M]

Day 0 - Let See how long i last. (⁠๑⁠•⁠﹏⁠•⁠)

Setting some small goals for coming 3 days let’s see whether i can achieve or not.

  1. No Fap,
  2. 15 Min exercise
  3. Go on small walk
  4. Cold shower
  5. Screen Time less than 5 hrs

Day 2 - Haha as expected, i lost, i did exercise, went outside, did cold shower but failed to Reduce screen time, which eventually leads to Fap, But No issue, this time i am highly motivated than ever ᕙ⁠(⁠⇀⁠‸⁠↼⁠‶⁠)⁠ᕗ

My New Target 10 Days without No Fap .

Day 0 →

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Day 2 → slightly depressed as i lost decent amount of money due to my negligence, Must consult to family members before taking big steps… A note to my Future Self.

Well now i got suggestions to reduce the effect to a great extent, so i am fine and back to No Fap :triumph:

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