JourneyInFindingMyHigherSelf's Diary - Young kid feels good again!

How is going?
I hope you are fap free today.
I am a 15 years old boy and i wanna share my personal exprerience through my 6 month in PMO journey.
My longest streak is 15 days.

In day 1,2,3 i feel brain fog,stupidity,memory issues,lack of motivation,ignorance and i am very lazy all i want to do is just sleep and sit.

In day 4,5,6 anxiety and depression are saying hello to me.I just want nobody to talk to me.

After 2 weeks i feel very different.I can meditate deeper,i can read more,i have better memory,i am carefull of what i am eating,i am starting to feel alive.I focus more one my senses and i can enjoy them more.I just feel good!

I think i can heal faster because i am in PMO only 1 year and my brain is too young.

The worse problem about PMO is that it make you ignorant.You don’t give a fuck about almost anything.You are here to change this world.This is your chance don’t wait go no PMO and let the universe show you the way.

Quit P and the MO will surrender.


i’m always glad to see young people realizing what porn does or did to them
keep the positivity up and destroy that P!