Journey Towards Purifying the Mind - [Thennarasu]

Hai Fellow Mates…I begin the Journey sincerely from “Now”… Anyone ready to accept me as your friend for accountability ?

Even i started 3 to 4 days back
What is ur main focus and how old are u

My focus is self improvement…need to enter into public sector banking job and also i am going through kundalini awakening already and need to be healthy so i do some exercise and then i do some terrace gardening. thats all. i am 25 and about you brother ?

For now apart from academics
My main goals are self learning, patience,self control,money saving and staying away from drugs alcohol and stuff
I am 18
I want to follow and base my thinking around the below image. Tell me if i am following wrong path or need some changes

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Nice Man. What do you think is the #1 priority in your life?

There are many but the end goal is satisfaction and a calm mind that does not keep on thinking so much at a time
I want my mind to be at peace

Reducing thinking and attaining peace of mind… the simplest and also hardest goal to attain in life. To attain it one must practice deep meditation. I too have the same goal and i am messed after kundalini awakening right now. what to say about the level of suffering one has to gone through to attain it. Its requires a tremendous courage.

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Wow nice @Ishans at such a young age. More power to you brother.

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Its 10.10 am… i begin my day. i am quite out of focus. irrespective of whatever i feel, i must develop the ability to focus whereever i needs to, not whereever my mind takes too. i am not a victim, i am the boss. lets go for today.
Target for today:
4 hrs study
2 to 3 hrs meditation
1 hr walking/workout

Its 7:10am…i begin my day.
4 hours study
3 hours meditation. mess is okay even if its intense. this is first job today.
walking as much as i can. needed amount to relax.
bath (actually that herbal powder i used yesterday was amazing, but time consuming for sure…it takes like 30 mins to bath and clean bath room. but worth than that chemical soaps )
better than yesterday for sure. i am more anxious right now. deep. so i go even deep to just witness, to understand my anxiety . lets see what it was . in my life, nowadays i feel i grown some what to process these heavy emotions like anxiety, depression. my growth is not enough but significantly i have grown from complaining, running away to doctor, looking for consolation from somebody. nowadays i am risking , going against may odds, walking in the opposite direction actually i feel like an odd man at times but that oddness have its significance. going good thenn baby. today you rock. i wish you to work 8 hours surely

November challenge:
I challenge myself to complete 90 to100 hours of meditation , 120 hours of studies, finish hasfit foundation workout program and to have decent diet and also to do gardening work everyday and skin care routine+hygiene+sunlight everyday. I decided to work very sincerely for next 30days no matter what. And also i dont masturbate this whole month.