Journey Towards Infinity

Rasadraktam Tato Maansam Maansaanmedah Prajaayate

Medasyaastihi Tato Majja Majjayah Shukra Sambhavah - Aacharya Sushrut

There is a cycle of recovery of semen in the body, the cycle is of 40 days, that is if you relapse today then it will take 40 days to recover the lost semen.

Because the semen is made in 8 steps each of 5 days which completes 40 days.

These :eight: steps start from

:one: absorption of juice (Rasa aka chyle) from the food

:two: then conversion of juice into blood (Raktam)

:three: then conversion of blood into muscles (Maansam)

:four: then muscles into fats (Meda)

:five: then fats into bones

:six: then bone into bone marrow (Majja), where the most important white blood cells are formed

:seven:then the semen (Shukra or Veerya) is formed from bone marrow

:eight: and at last but not the least OJAS is created from the semen each and every day after the completion of 40 days, i.e., New natural energy is created each day after 40 days, if the process is not disturbed(relapsed) again.

OJAS is the vibrant energy which makes the body more attractive in every way.


So, fapping will delay the completion of the 40 days cycle of recovery of lost semen. Expressionless face :expressionless:

i.e., You will have to wait for the completion of 40 days again and again if you keep fapping. This will never give you the opportunity to have OJAS in your body.
So your health would be worse AND COMING BACK TO THE CONCEPT OF GETTING COMPLETE RECOVERY IN THE LAST 3 DAYS OF 40 DAYS CYCLE, I want to say that if we look this cycle mathematically i.e., in percentage, It is clear that from day 0, semen recovery is multiplied by 2 times per day. This doesn’t mean that after 20 days of NoFap your semen will be recovered by 50%.

SO, TILL 33 DAYS, THE PERCENTAGE OF RECOVERY IS LESS THAN 1%. NOW, FROM THE 34TH DAY, THE PERCENTAGE OF RECOVERY GOES LIKE THIS, 1.5625% ON 34TH DAY, 3.125% ON 35TH DAY, 6.25% ON 36TH DAY, 12.5% ON 37TH DAY, 25% ON 38TH DAY, 50% ON 39TH DAY, AND AT LAST 100% ON 40TH DAY. So, if you are on 30 plus days of streak please try your best to complete these ten days and most importantly LAST 4 DAYS which will COMPLETE THE 87.5% OF THE SEMEN RECOVERY. BE STRONG YOU WILL WIN…




this is the diary of a great fool who drools with his pool… :weary::weary::weary:


:one: dark circles (goggles)
:two: premature ageing
:three: hair fall
:four: white hair
:five: low on self-esteem
:six: suicidal
:seven: social anxiety
:eight: bloodred eyes (as if you were on beer bottles the entire weekend)
:nine: flooding thoughts about fapping
:keycap_ten: weakness…
hell a lot i’m tired of this fapping shit it has crammed me… damn, my life seems to have zeroed down and is hung between YesFap and NoFap and certainly LessFap isn’t an option at least for me…
lemme introduce myself…
I am Harn. I’ve been treading on NoFap for almost 2 years… i’ve failed 300+ times (a part of me feels very proud about this and i believe every fapstronaut should be…)
How did i get introduced to porn ?.. Hmmm… yeh baat hai uss zamaane ki jab ham halfpant pehenkar school jaaya karte the (this begins during the days we wore shorts and went to school)… i was playing chess, i was a pro in it😏… at some point i said ‘’ this is pawn and not foot soldiers’’… bitter silence… my friend Gautam gave me an evil stare and said “don’t you know it’s a bad word ?”… i was like “hey, how come ?” … he would keep saying " it’s a bad word… it’s a bad word…". Was he joking… well, the stare of his eyes were clear that he wasn’t… upon asking someone, i dunno who (what? you can’t expect me to remember shit from junior grades…) i came to know it was a platform for seeing naked girls… i gulped the fact and almost forgot about it . Thank the Gods ! i didn’t google the word else… (i presume you know…)

During seventh grade this controversy about Bluewhale game arose and somewhere during that time i developed this bad habit of staring at women’s brassiere lustfully (mind it, i never masturbated) somewhere at this time i was confirmed that the erection of my penis was normal and it happened with every male… uhh! what a releif i felt, i used to think i have some disorder due to which thinking about secondary sexual features of women made my dick stand…as i was saying during this time i heard about porn addiction from someone (definitely one of my classmates)… i thought about it and i was like who would get addicted to naked women… this is bullshit, but at the back of my head there was this little thing nagging me that this wasn’t what i was expecting it to be, i mean i had seen nude images of women but after seeing them i used to think whaaa these people get addicted to this, little did i know how wrong i was… :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: while in eight grade i kept on staring the brassiere of girls (in case, you dunno that particular batch had a lot of pretty girls, and my crush since sixth grade was one amongst them… clearly this was the sign of puberty… hey! i was still unaware about masturbation. I somehow that this staring wasn’t good… and somewhere around this time i came to know about Brahmacharya… i immediately put it off my head because i felt having a crush (i swear, my love was pure… it had… oops… has no elements of materialism and lust in it… i liked the girl because she was not just pretty or cute, for, she possessed uncommon kindness and behaved like a tom boy.) and practicing Brahmacharya would be impossible, again at the back of my head i felt a strange connection to this word… today it makes sense…

The final exams of 8th got over and i’d done fair enough… but not upto the mark…
then began the demise of the world, the expansion of my limited consciousness, the vastness of opportunities and probabilities, this marked the opening of the most gruesome and fearsome dimension of the universe to me (i prresume)… The Dawn of Corona and the Dusk of my Innocence…

i developed this bad habit of staring at women’s brassiere

this had become intense i started watching WWE DIVA… only for this reason and i used to fantasize myself with naked women… i used to fantasize while sleeping with my back facing upwards… one night while i was in this savage world woven by me… i dunno what happened but i felt as if i urinated in my pants… i was overwhelmed… when i touched my pubic area it felt perfectly dry… i immediately rushed into the bathroom only to realize that thick white liquid drooling out of my penis… as i was an amateur… i didn’t know what it was… i was tensed and i said myself that i’d never weave any such fantasies… i felt relieved when i got another erection and realized what had come out was semen… and the idea of sex devastated me.

i started craving for erotic scenes from movies and newspapers… then one day i searched porn… on yt duh (what did ya’ think ? lmao)… during n8s i used to fantasize what i saw (most of which where soft porn and didn’t have much of erotica… still as an amateur it felt substantial for me)… there was this gut feeling that used to say me “boi beware what you are doin’ isn’t good…” as usual my mind responded “just this time…” the worst mistake of my life…

i felt that soft porn wasn’t upto the mark… then… finally i typed porn (you know where)…
and saw my first ever video on xhamster (you should b knowin’ this)
tbh… it was strange but still exciting… Aur phir Latt Lag gayi, Hard drive Bharata Gaya… Multiple Tabs Khol-Kholke left-r8 mai hota gaya… Ghanta pata tha mujhko SuperStudWomanizer banne k Chakkar mein Apne Aap ko Karr dunga loose… Kat Gaya Chuhiya meraa… Ban Gaya Chuhiyaaaaaaaaaaaa… (what was left ? i got addicted, started filling my hard-drive with junk and began opening multiple tabs and kept on fapping… little did i know that while trying to become a SuperStudWomanizer, i would loose myself in the vicious cycle of PMO… i’ve been fooled… i’ve been doomed)… above was a part of the song Kat Gaya Chuhiya by Salil Jamdar and with some masala of my own…
i kept on fapping and lost myself… and mid 2020 i came to know that what i was doing is masturbating to internet pornography to experience orgasm… i got introduced to Brahmacharya and NoFap again by Manthan Hub and The Illuminati Show…ever since then i’ve been trying my level best to improve myself… but all in the drains
i feel this much will make you familiar with me… and here i am on ma’ NoFap#1…

and here in this thread i shall be posting my learnings and experiences, for, it feels amazing to pour down ma’ feelings hoping it’ll help others relate and learn…


What is venous leakage and how does it cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Problems with blood vessels are a common cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). The term venous leakage refers to veins in the penis.

Blood vessels are important for erections. When a man becomes sexually aroused, the arteries in his penis expand to allow blow to flow in, making the erection firm.

However, to keep the erection rigid, blood needs to stay in the penis until the man ejaculates. To accomplish this, veins constrict to trap the blood inside. (This process is called veno-occlusion.) Once the man climaxes, or if sexual stimulation ends, the veins widen and blood flows back into the body.

If the veins do not constrict enough, blood will “leak” back into the body, softening the erection. Many men with this type of ED find that they can get a firm erection at first, but gradually lose the firmness.

Venous leak is often a cause of ED in younger men…




Estrogen is the female sex hormone or to be precise a germ cell… as mentioned it’s s’posed to be in dominance in a female body… Estrogen in men in limited quantities is perfectly fine


Alas i relapsed… :pensive::pensive::pensive: it was my fault… i accept it… after all acceptance is what distinguishes Fapstronauts from the rest… as my friend @PowerfulNFPWarrior said, it’s time to RIP (Rest In Power) and cum… oops… come out of RIP (Resting In Porn)…

to the ones reading this… may something good happen with you today…


Bro don’t get all depressed and stuff now… I know you are feeling bad but use that feeling to do something else.


Shaktishaali Hai Sab pe Bhaari Hai, Aisa Samay Prabal |
Samay hi Deta, Samay hi Leta, Badle Ye Pal-Pal |
Sukh Hai Suvidha Phir Bhi Duvidha, Koi Nahi Hai Saath |
Vyakul Mann Hai, Bhaari Tann Hai, Khaali Hai Haath |

tbh, PMO has ruined me completely… Kahi ka nahi choda​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:
our school is supposed to commence from tomorrow… guess what, until now there were online classes and i have been bunking each and every one of them for porn and some cheap thrill (virtually present, mentally absent) Also the assignments and classworks… woah! they are humangous tasks and i haven’t done any… school has completed most of the syllabus and the coaching where i go, even they have gone ahead… and look at me i haven’t done even 10% of what they have done and am bunking even this class for writing in the forum… ultimately these are my past decisions that are responsible for this hooked up destiny which is inevitable… to all those who think they’ll do this Fap-Trap one last time and begin afresh… then my dear fapstronaut, you are wrong. your mind is in the loop of this vicious cycle of PMO… there is no second chance and believe me i’m going to face the wrath of this commonly done mistake tomorrow… now i feel i wish i could go to my past and correct myself but it’s not going to happen never will it ever happen (i bitterly wish it could :disappointed::cry::sob:) to be frank the showcase glamour of porn industry has devastated me and everyone on this forum have tasted it’s wrath… the past is past though it seems quite vast, it passed away very fast… now, what’s done is done… it cannot be reversed. Don’t give up… as a fapstronaut you should never give up, for, it’s not even an option for us. Let’s begin a new journey with this Forum (this is a gift in disguise) as witness and chuck out the shit outta us. Human Being is different from Being Human. Let’s do it !


so far… so good… still anxious tho…
So what’s good you guys ! i wanted to share the principia that i feel are going to be helpful for me and you as well.
:one: don’t look at yourself in the mirror for the coming 181 days.
:two: plan your day and try to adhere to your plan, no matter what you must finish what you have decided… you know how to handle the turbulence if any… (be conscious and sensible while making you plan)
:three: have a couple of short-term goals… like finishing half of your syllabus, finishing a book…
:four: meditate… even for 5 mins… do meditate don’t medidate (fantasizing irrelevant and illogical possibilities… it won’t be easy… but practice shall definitely make you able.
:five: have a healthy diet
:eight: do anything about everything to improve your physique… grooming… if you can.
:nine: yoga and work out… since schools have opened… doing both on the same day is near impossible… i’ll be doing them every alternate day (if on sunday i do yoga (vyayam and pranaayam)… on monday, i’ll be doing workout (insane and rigorous… train a muscle every alternate day)
:one::zero: set a morning routine
:one::one: set a morning routine
:one::two: wake up as early as you can
:one::three: stay silent and observe the silence… no unwanted gossips… i know it’s hard but you must… trust me even i’m trying this and also you should observe the silence… not just pretending to be silent (when we r asked to remain silent, there is this thing within us that keeps on blabbering unwanted crap, for instance “jab iyer aur babita ka baccha hoga, uska kya colour hoga…
:one::four: stay mindful. Initially it’s going to b very hard but as you practice, you shall b flabbergasted seeing yourself…
If you can suggest me or find out any faults above then do tag me…
Goodbye, until next time…

Harn out !


:rofl::rofl: , bhai maine aaj tak half pant pehan kar school nhi gya, main mostly pajama pehenta hoon but abhi half pant pehna hai, kyuki ghar me hoo abhi, pichhale 1 month pehle se hi half pant pehnana start kiya maine. But line mast hai :joy::joy::rofl:



Everything is ordained… accept and move ahead…


hey there fellas !
how ya doin’…


Enough is enough…
i’m done fapping… this is literally worse… social and performance anxiety is killing me…
i, with this forum as witness swear to go on NoFap Monk mode for until i feel like stopping… which isn’t any time soon…

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Don’t fall in “love” (Avoid Oneitis)

You will see a few friends of yours who get into “virtual marriage” style relationships off the bat, and in your more lonely moments, you might even be jealous of them. Don’t be.

The people who have those over the top stuck together type of relationships are people who failed to develop an independent sense of self and are hiding from the world behind each other’s backs. These people are neither strong nor formidable. They are mentally weak and break down the moment life hits them with anything unexpected.

As a man, falling in love when you’re very young is a mistake. You are only beginning to develop your true value. For any woman you can attract today, you can attract a better woman a few years later when you’re richer, fitter, and better connected.

Women are born high value; men must make their value. A 19-year-old woman is already in her physical prime and desired by lots of high-value men, but a 19-year-old man is still worthless and has a long way to go before he hits his prime.

This is not an “unfair curse” on men. As a man, your value side has no upper bound. If you take life seriously, you can take your sexual market value (SMV) higher than ANY woman on the planet.

As a man moves up in the world, his value goes up. Unlike a woman’s beauty which is inherently valuable but burns fast as she ages, a man’s value is built by him over time and lasts far longer. Therefore, it is a mistake to “sell too soon”, especially when you’re as young as 18.

The world is full of women. Women are neither rare nor special. You can always get a woman (or women ;)). What’s rare is dominant men who make a lot of money and have their shit together. That’s what all the women want anyway – a MAN, not a boy.

The problem is that men at that age overvalue women and thus get attached to them out of a scarcity mindset, and end up committing to a raw deal.

Furthermore, most of the people who “fall in love” at that age burn a lot of time and attention and money that could better be used elsewhere. Men will burn thousands of hours talking to, thinking about, and dealing with a woman(‘s drama) at the cost of their own personal progress and goals.

All women distract men from their purpose, and the younger you are, the more prominent this will be on you.

I’ve seen men give up on their entire ambition and potential after they got married because they got too comfortable and complacent and that drive within them went away.

Women are generally not ambitious. Women are consumers. This is plainly evident in the real world where they buy whatever they can get their hands on that only a true fool would dispute it. Women make men too comfortable, and at a young age, you do not want comfort, you want your ass to be on a fire so hot that it always keeps you up and running.

There will be plenty of time for love when you are a bit older. 18 is not it. Build your foundation first – physical, financial, and spiritual.

Strong foundations get you the best women anyway. So be smart and don’t be too emotionally attached too soon.

You will never lose women chasing your dreams, but you will lose both your dreams and the woman when you chase the woman.

P.S. – Most girls are very similar, and most guys think their girl is an exception to the norm. For any girl you’re in “love” with, if you remove the emotions from your equation, you’ll find that you know about a dozen girls almost exactly like her. In other words, your darling babe is replaceable, there is no “the one”, so take it easy with the “I can’t live without her” crap. Be complete in yourself.

This is not to say you shouldn’t be loyal to your woman. I just wish to tell you to be a man, know your value, know your options, and know that your value is higher tomorrow than it is today. Being in “love” is not an achievement, and as Victor Pride said, your college sweetheart is not one in a million, she’s one in a hundred at the least. Good luck !


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Bro if I may ask,

I can’t go 40 days with out wet dreams, does this mean, the cycle is always interrupted?


it’s a kinda’ mixed response, don’t ponder much over n8falls, also don’t neglect it… wet dreams are actually good as they release the dead sperms and the built up sexual tension within you… first of all you should be improving your lifestyle as nocturnal emissions are in sync with your lifestyle and of course do yoga and praanaayam… i’d suggest you do ashwini mudra

  1. Motivation Feel pride within yourselves for engagement of this undertaking. The journey ahead of us isn’t going to be easy, but that’s exactly why it’s going to be necessary in order to evolve as a human being. Living life in mediocrity is not an act that humans are meant for and it is counter intuitive when trying to a lead a life of happiness which is why you must build the foundation of your success through using NoFap as a catalyst. What does this mean? It means to focus your efforts on creating self improving habits that articulate a future of equanimity, ambition, and contentment through diligent effort each and every day. Do not focus on the streak, focus on the journey and the improvement of habits in order to genuinely appreciate your progress and reach the success you crave There’s nothing worse than making mistakes, however, you’re going to make plenty while on this journey. That doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human and each time you fall down it is an opportunity to pick yourself back up with an improved area of expertise in the sense of experience. I know you will persevere each time and I know you will look back with pride as time progresses. Remember that the definition of hell is, “On your last day of earth, the person you could have become will meet the person you became”. Ensure you two are the same when that day comes.



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