Journey to life

Hey …today I got introduced with this wonderful app and offcours with u all wonderful guys. Finally I want to start my spiritual journey with no fap …i know that’s not easy for people like us around 20’s but everything we desire will definetly come to us .
I’ll try to be regular with my experience Sharing with u …
Hope u all support me in my journey towards true happiness in life.


I m only 22 ,but practiced masterbation since long. But now i think is the right time to stop this addiction.every night I go to bed the thing I know is to masterbate. I think now I gain some hope and will to come out of all mess…even I dont watch much porn ,nor have any boyfriend…Why such case is with me . Please guys help me with Ur valuable experiences and sujjestions.


This is a link to a spiritual video by BK Shivani.

The lady has reached very high in spirituality.
Her Positive Energy can change your life.

I have benefited a lot from her concept of Thoughts.

Beside thoughts… i recommend change in habits.
Making New Habits.
No. 1 … In my list is Meditation.
Then Pranayams.
Cardio etc.

We can change our life for better.


Hi…happy to reveal day 1 completed with complete no fap.and no sexual thoughts . That’s fr all ur support guys .

If you focus on NoFap & No sexual thoughts… you will always fap & have sexual thoughts…

Completly disconnect from the word fap & sexuality …
Shift focus from No To Yes.

I mean say Yes to health.
Say Yes to Life.


Yah you are right man

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Slightly Disagree on the idea of disconnecting from nofap and sexually, that’s actually what your brain wants you to do, it wants you to get distracted on what your trying to accomplish the fact that u have realized this is actually recking your life is a good start and a great thing, holding onto that is even greater, the idea of distracting your self from it offers a temporary solution, creating new hobbies and activities is great in it self but using it as a distraction only creates a build up which will come crashing down later on, it may help for a week or two even months maybe, but at a moment of weakness it all comes crumbling down,leting the thoughts flow on the other hand and gaining ways to rule over it offers a better long lasting and permanent solution.


You are right … my dear friend.

A fake decision based on belief doesnt last longer.

I am talking about a decision based on self reliazation & learning from past mistakes.

Switching from bad to good habits is very beneficial for the body health.

One who is a durkard and fapper . He doesnt progress in 3 months and remains in a bad health… while… one who do excercise… meditation… hard work… eat well… remain pure… give himself affirmations… can benefit a lot in just 3 months… in terms of health & wealth.


Yes I totally agree from you both guys…distracting ouself once and decide not to look back may ultimately get connect ourself to positive idea.

But I m already a yoga practitioner , along with that follow an average diet with good study plan along with some beautiful dreams…I don’t know actually where I lags .


We can figure it out.
Embrace Yourself and start with the Truth.

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guys let me tell you something…
i have tried both ways…
1- i tried stopping the habit but it didn’t help me in a long run. every time i thought I’ll not do this eventually i relapses.

the 2nd - i decided to not give attention at stopping the habit. i just shifted my focus towards healthy habits like playing, exercise,
i started learning French and
started focusing on my career.
after some days i do not get any sexual thoughts. my mind is free of this.
moral of the story… build new good habits instead of stopping the bad one.