Journey to discover myths and realities

After a relapse today I’ve decided to start a 90 days try and see journey
Let’s see how much of benefits are real
My list of expectations: Hairloss stop , PIED cure , less moody , depression free

Week 1 report summary :

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hey man, great to have you here!

just some thoughts. Don’t expect wonders (but from the title of your message I don’t think that you do that).
A hint to the depression. In my case (and I guess that is often the case) the depression had a reason why it is there. nofap can help find the reason and of course you can feel better due to nofap. But depression is not about not feeling good. it’s an illness and hence needs treatment and just feeling better doesn’t remove a depression. It sounds wired but you can somehow feel good and still be depressed. I would recommend you to add meditation to your todo list to really address the problem.

All the best man!