Journey starts from here

Today I’ve decided to start writing diaries…,
I’m here cause I’m devastated by pmo…today I had extreme tensions about my studies I’m a class 11 studen of India (Not CBSE) and in December our first exam is gonna be held and to be honest i haven’t even finished half of my syllabus yet…I must do it …must …
After coming back from my english tutions I’ve chilled a bit and now after writing this I’m going to do some maths as my teacher told me that he will be giving us problems tomorrow to solve hope it goes well…


All the best bro. Wishing u a bright and progressive journey ahead :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thnx bro i will try my best…

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I can relate to u easily
I have my ca inter in dec
Im not prepared
But 1 month time in my hand
I must do it
And i can do it
When i can try for ca
Then so can you
Let me tell u
11th is the year to explore
I had lots of fun in finally being in the world and meeting new people
Conducting events
While being a topper for two years
So try indulging in other activites while studying
Make it a memorable year and not one with stressful

Also lets just keep doing hardwork and not worry about the results
And after doing tremendous hardwork too if we fail
Then still there will be a satisfaction to me atleast
That i didnt fail because of my habits
I failed because of my bad luck

Lets do it😋