Journey of Infinitely Strong

Yes. Experimenting is the key. Currently it’s working great for me. 1 hour study followed by break also sounds great. But the thing is, break is important. I have learnt this late.


Yeah it is :sweat_smile:.
One study-break ratio I found somewhere was really good, break should be in proportion to the amount you studied, like 5 minutes for every 25 minutes makes
1 hr 15 min - 15 min
1 hr 40 min - 20 min
2hr 5 min - 25 min
2.5 hrs - 30 min

If you are studying for long take a longer break.


True. I read this somewhere too.


Day 151:

I’m about to break the record of my previous streak in this app.


Damn you are talented no fap wise :joy::100:


I’m talented otherwise too. Bas prove karna baki hain haha.


Day 160:

I came through a post in Semen Rentention community in reddit. I feel the exact same as the guy mentioned. (Life kharap chal raha h wo alag baat hain)


Bruh I noticed similar thing today on my way to basketball court, since I relapsed recently my thoughts have become kind of perverted, whenever I’m on a good streak I don’t get such kind of thoughts, emotions are mostly positive rather than sexual/perverted.


Bro when I was relapsing, I kept getting triggered by external beauty and 5 of 10 times I would come home and do it.


That’s actually relatable :sweat_smile:. Today I had to go in public but now I am ignoring all such thoughts.


Day 163:

If you don’t know how fast the time goes, just take a break from work and set an alarm for 10 min…


I was on my way to set the alarm till I realized that I already passed 10 minutes :joy:


Decipline = Happiness.

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I am also with you :fire:

Day 168:

Allergy is killing me.

The excessive and extreme sneezing due to external antigenic factors (like dust, pollen or even cold water) is hampering my productivity. I’m tired of taking Levocetrizine.


I have it too some extent but I just keep myself protected in winters. Wear Socks and be covered etc.

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Yes in summer there’s no problems at all. And in winter it gets activated.

I’ll try to wear socks(never tried this) and will remain covered. I know it’s mostly due to exposure to cold. Like even if the water is bit colder, immune system gets triggered.


I think I found the recipe(that works in me) to study for long.

The worst time table is like this
9:00-11:00 : subject x
11:00-12:00: subject y

In case you miss that slot, you will be demoralized and your mind will be like fuck it, let’s procrastinate. and that’s how procrastinating begins. Also sometimes you just can’t study a subject for 2 hours straight. You’ll lose interest or get bored quickly even within 30 mins. Or even you don’t have the mood to study a particular subject in a particular time.

  1. Pick any 3 subjects/topics/tasks.

  2. Set your microgoal for the day from the subjects. Write those down in paper.

  3. Set pomodoro timer. Respect break time and focus time.

  4. Start with one subject. Study as long as you don’t get bored. When bored quickly switch to other subject. we tend to waste time when we lose focus or get bored on the subject. It becomes monotonous after sometime. So give your brain something different to taste.

  5. Continue doing for the rest of the day.


Day 172:

Finally feeling a bit relieved and well after 3/4 days of allergy and feverish shit feeling.

Couldn’t complete most of the study goals but it’s okay. Will grind tomorrow and Sunday.

Btw The result of the last Sunday mock(offline) is out and the rank was good(in the centre), score was less though. I joined a reputed dlp test series about 2 months ago. First time it felt good. gave myself a small treat. Nobody to share tho.

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Nice bro. Keep slaying :fire:

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