Journey of an oberoi to Freedom (376 days challenge) 🔥

I am in the process of building Small Good habits.
In order to track my progress I am going to maintain a journal.
Thèse are the Following Habits I have to work on :

  1. Sleep Before 12am Every Single day.

  2. Wake up before 6am Every Single day.

  3. Study for 6 hours a day, Effective Study sessions.
    3 hrs in the morning
    3 hrs in the evening

  4. Meditate for 10 min every single day.

  5. Take Cold showers during the Morning.

The Habits which have least resistance are more easier to form. First I will be forming easy habits. These tasks might be looking very easy. But I will turn these into habits. I will perform these tasks until I do not have to think before acting on these tasks.


All the best @rewire_user
May your atomic habits be the building blocks to a better life.


Thanks for the best wishes my friend ! @Ash_Matt

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Day: 1 :white_check_mark:

  1. Sleep Before 12am Every Single day. :white_check_mark:

  2. Wake up before 6am Every Single day. :white_check_mark:

  3. Study for 6 hours a day, Effective Study sessions.
    3 hrs in the morning✅
    3 hrs in the evening :x:

  4. Meditate for 10 min every single day.:x:

  5. Take Cold showers during the Morning.:x:

Someone wise told,
If you can do it for one day,
You can do it for the rest of your life.

Greatness is coming for us !
Cheers guys.:fire:


Day: 3 :white_check_mark:

  1. Sleep Before 12am Every Single day. :white_check_mark:

  2. Wake up before 6am Every Single day.:x:

  3. Study for 6 hours a day, Effective Study sessions.
    3 hrs in the morning✅
    3 hrs in the evening :x:

  4. Meditate for 10 min every single day.:white_check_mark:

  5. Take Cold showers during the Morning.:x:


Warning: Do Not Play this video if you are weak, If a small scene light up your urges. Then Please do not watch, otherwise it’s a great video and probably a great movie , I predict that many of you might have watched this early but have you related it to Nofap? Enjoy cheers Guys !


Good to see u are posting again in ur diary


Greetings to all the members of the nofap community,
Basically, I wanna share a small experience. I just wanna say for some people like me.
“If you win against P, then you won the battle”

  1. Surrounding Triggers

P was not a problem for me earlier, It was just some places which where triggers to me, whenever I lay there or be around there, such as bathroom or my bed when I was unable to sleep.
Most of my relapses, were on my bed. But soon I realize that my mind has started to give a lot of excuses to me like you are on nofap, you are not allowed to ejaculate but you are allowed to watch P these are two completely different things. All those shitty excuses you can give to yourself. Then I decided to quit porn and in one go by the grace of God it’s going well, I still can’t say that completely but I know my mind now, I did many experimentation to realize when, where or what led to relapse. Finally, with the help of my brother @YOUR_TEACHER I blocked all browsers since I cannot switch off my phone due to online studies. But Yeah it’s far more better and rather than counting days I am analyzing my productivity and starting using forum from my computer.

I urge everyone to find there weakness please analyze your weak point, what led to relapse, when at which point of the day you relapse. Basically, there are some triggers in our surroundings, which led to relapse.
Hunt them down and eliminate them.

  1. Don’t Pay attention to your streak at all

Whenever I used to watch my streak above 7 days I get way too excited and in the excitement, I let my mind wander off. When then lead me to hell !. What am I trying to say here is for some people not all it can be a problem. Don’t pay attention to it more than required and focus on your day, work and especially I urge everyone to stay around your family members, chill with your brother. Whenever urges come do not ever go to the bathroom, get up and go for a walk with you brother or talk to someone in your house. You will forget about it. And You can go for a walk if you like. Basically do not ever go to those places where you can masturbate.

  1. Doing the Hard Things.

The last thing I figured out is that whenever I did something hard studying, my mind is wired to go back to the comfort zone I will go back to youtube or lay on my bed. And If I controlled somehow and managed to keep then my evil brain decides to play the master card and remind of something related to P and I would go to the bathroom, thinking I use it and come out quickly but I remained there until I relapsed. Basically I want to say in the initial few days do not try to do hard thing. To fight with this I always keep something to do which I really wanna do in my to-do list , I already download anime or game of thrones or some episodes of series which I really wanna watch, and whenever my mind plays the master card, I too say here you go evil friend , I immediately open those anime and start to watch and then the whole day, I think about it, analyze and appreciate the twist of the episode and discuss with my brother. It might sound odd to you but it’s really good for those who cannot go to 7 or 8 days streak even. If you can be productive and stay on the streak brother you are awesome but not everybody is the same like you.

  1. Do the productive work.

I recently watched a movie named “limitless” and I am flattered by the concept of self improvement and I connected each and every thing with nofap and I somehow say to my mind do something that makes me great and the only thing which I can do right in this age is study. Even If I feel lazy or feel to be in my comfort zone, I fake my mind with the acting of having a lot of energy the way the guy

~walks in the movie I too started to walk being confidently and I too observe people noticing and I wonder what they might think who the hell this person think he is :sweat_smile:
~I started to clean my surrounding make my bed, and clean my room by myself and I do it every single day since I get appreciation from my parents as a reward.
~ when I get to the flow of completing simple tasks, I somehow complete the hard tasks too I complete my homework but If I brake the flow everything get ruined for example If i started to play game that would be a problem and not just that If you lost in that it will be a great problem. So, I uninstall all the games and kept a simple game which I will open if I will get bored.
~ When you will see yourself completing the tasks the satisfaction you get as a reward is just amazing.
I always wonder I need a reward system to make a habit, but I always thought what could be it.
But now I can say to you, You can make the satisfactory feeling as your reward.
You can make your deep sleep as your reward ask yourself when you get a good sleep, the day which you worked or the day you have been in your comfort zone.

I know It’s easier to say then to do it, but I did it myself and then I am writing it here.
At last I would say focus on being productive don’t count days, Make the days count.

I would like to thank my buddies who motivated me throughout my journey and helped me by giving useful advice, by spreading the good words and motivating me.
Thanks @Kaizen Yooo buddy you are the one that helped me a lot your challenges and way of making others aggressive towards the challenge is really appreciable.And the information regarding edging and peeking, Thanks buddy.

@Dean_Ambrose From the starting I related to you being on the same journey and having the same goal I felt connected with you. You read all my messages and kept motivating me.

@Ash_Matt Being on Nofap and preparing for exams, that confidence you feel while preparing that you are going to rock, I learned a lot of things from your posts brother and those forums which you created.

@Pandeybro Thank you bro for supporting and motivating me throughout the journey. You have a great perspective of looking at situation from a different way. That doing unproductive thing when urges come, excellent bro !

@valiant_warrior You are like my brother, thanks for helping me to do the right thing bro !, I sometimes wander what good I have done so I have found this forum having so much helpful people being around me.

And thanks to each and everyone present in this forum. Basically I have never saw such a helpful community " grow together" .Thanks to God each and every person helped me and I have learned many good things being here.

I am not going anywhere why are you thinking that I am leaving this forum, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I haven’t wrote anything on the forum from a while that’s why I wrote such a big message.

never-the-less, Stay Strong guys,
Greatness is coming for us !


Lol I literally thought u are leaving the forum :joy:


Glad to read this brother. True, you can either win or learn from losing.

The one who has never lost in life has never tried anything in life. And that is losing by itself.

Keep going brother @rewire_user

Flame on


How did you learn so much in such a short time!! :scream::scream:
Some of these learnings took me months to obtain!
Such progress! Keep it up man! :ok_hand:
If you can continue at this pace, you will destroy this shitty addiction in no time! :foot::poop::fist_left:

Yeah I forgot that I used to struggle with productivity a lot in initial phase. The first 30+ day streak I made, I couldn’t even study 1 hour for the whole month combined.
The trick that can be used here is to break up those study hours, into 1 to 2 hour sessions and spreading it across the day. For example 1/ 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the midday and 2/3 hours at night.

Please be careful with those animes and shows, right now a trigger scene may not seem that big a deal, but when you abstain for long, even a simple sexual innuendo will be more than enough to drag you to the bottom.
I’m not questioning your method, I’m just advising you to be on guard.

Yeah, nofap is the only thing that comes close to the NZT-48 pill from limitless. When you get to higher streak you will perceive this to greater extent. Semen retention is the only way to get closer to being limitless.

Sorry bro, if I ever overwhelmed you with challenges and stuff, sometimes I get really hyped and forget that others aren’t at the same recovery stage as I am. :pray:
And yes you should take it slow, and step back once in a while, to collect your thoughts and strength.

Lastly edging, peeking is worse than relapse. Because when relapsing you’re at least transparent to yourself about your failure.
But while doing those other two, you’re deceiving yourself and losing self trust.
Also add fantasizing on the list as well. It’s equally damaging. It slowly kills your streak.


If i got that pill, our attain that state with nofap, first i would like to make a cyborg brain or Artificial brain assist(After several years). That will help people those who have brain damages coz brain damages make those people living dead.:cry:


No, brother when I lost self belief, lost self esteem and started to think like a loser.
You tried to lift me up, I am really thankful to you.
You helped me during my hard times.
And don’t forget challenge is never over between us :joy:
You might say that you will win again !
Many have said this before, but none of them are alive to rest of the tale :rofl:


@rewire_user What @Kaizen said is very true. It would be advisable not to see too much of it(I don’t watch) or atleast go through reviews before seeing.


Thanks brother for the concern, I skip those scene or I can say they don’t act as urges to me and those animes I watch they only have just kiss scenes nothing else which could trigger me.
I wish I will not watch those types of anime or movies when I will be on higher streak because then urges might get strong !
Will be staying strong
keeping myself busy, has helped me a lot for defeating urges productive work or unproductive I just stay busy and I feel good for every moment I do not think about P
thank to god.
Will win this war together brother.
Hope You will beat your previous highest streak this time @Ash_Matt !


Challenging me is like writing your name on the death note. You can’t run from this. Death is the only escape. :rofl: :triumph:


Just now an strong urge came and my mind started to fascinate about P.
I went to the bathroom and yes guys I lost ! :pensive: Just kidding,
When I went to the bathroom and turned on the tap, I thought "who the fuck will get in contact with such a freezing water after relapsing ? " :joy: (Winter Season has just begin)
I came out of the bathroom and Yes I survived.



Winter is coming


After relapsing too,
I do not feel any anxiety,
I am focused towards my goal
And don’t give a fuck about what my mind wants even if I do relapse
I will not stop studying and that’s a promise
Being a oberoi, I mean this promise to study every single day
And as my father says Oberoi’s always keep their promises !


Let’s see my friend how loyal you’re to yourself.