Journey from Zero 2 One

Sadness --> Happiness
No one wants to be Sad, Yet no one is always Happy. Finding Happiness is not a destination but a continuous process. Keep driving, somewhere in the journey it will become a habit and less effort will be required to find happiness.


Every Relapse is an opportunity to live the last streak in a better way. Choice is ours, Spend the time by fighting with self or engage in/learn to do an activity.


Rewards are good way to motivate self. Promise yourself/someone close, a food feast, a movie or a gift if you complete a target. Also It will be a good idea to do a fund raising per streak/window for a social cause. Target, per streak/window for one social cause only. Set apart a fixed amount each day. Idea is, you really can’t do anything if streak/window is less. Let’s see how many good things one end up doing.

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–> Contentment

There is no action without reaction, no effect without cause, no suffering without desires, and no desires without the self. Don’t fight the self. Instead, forget the self and become something else.

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