Journal entry for God and Savior Jesus Christ

Hello this is my journal entry for today. Today i have relapsed and i need a friend that is christian so we can talk about how to stop my urges. I don’t know what to do. Please if anyone is out there please respond to my topic. I will try everyday to write in this journal entry. Please send me a message if you can.


Hey bro I’m Christian and I’m here for you, U going to the hardest battle that can be on this planet, the fact that you are in it and want to come out a winner it’s huge. U wrestle hell when u resist urges. If u win a Crown waiting for You. Anything u want to know ask , peace bro :v:

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I would like to know is that i have the mind to fap but my heart says no. Should i obey what i feel or what my mind says. Help is always with me but cannot resist the urges. How did you resist your urges? I know that the youtube video helps but i need more help. The youtube video is biblical traits 0.1%. I started using this app on june 26 but i still fail. Believe me i know this journey cannot be taken lightly you must fight be brave against all evil, never run nor even lag behind. I thank you for answering my post.


The spirit is willing, but the flesh is week. You gotta let the spirit take over, but you gotta want to. Do you want to quit?

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