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Yitzchak’s diary to personal success.

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Day 0¥
After so much struggle… I need to change. This is a challenge that will be overcome. I realized I’ve made horrible mistakes. But after a failure, you gain something better. Life is better than the temptations the adversary gives.


Day 02
On my second day, tried getting up at 5. Hit the snooze button too many times until it was almost 9 pm. Big error but it’s okay. I’m still holding on.
Been thinking about my past which isn’t a good thing. But not necessarily a bad thing either…

Day 0€
My aunt came to visit and we went out walking. That was great encouragement to get up to do so. We walked over 13k steps and the weather was lovely.
Was working on my music, but I got distracted and read something that caused some triggers. I’m holding on but be careful what your eyes see!!!
It’s not just images, words themselves can be very powerful.

Day 0</
The forth day on my journey was extremely tough. Urges overcame and I almost gave in due to two things. Fear and desire. While a weird combination, it was very deceiving and I almost gave in. But I listened to my brothers and did not fall victim to the PMO trap. Be strong and ignore the evil, it will end sooner than you think.

Day 0/>
My sixth day has been a bit of a struggle. I leaked today a bit. But I cleaned myself up and I’m much better now. Usually days 5-7 are the hardest ones. But I can do it with God’s help.