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Thank you @drago, you too :raised_hands:


Day 250

Today was the toughest day I have experienced in terms of urges since my 90th day. Everytime I reach a milestone, things get tough, I need to work on extra motivation to keep going. But until I reach a milestone, things are not that bad.


Bro, did you create a post about anxiety? It would be of real help for us. You are a man with a lot of experience. Thanks for all these posts that you created. These are all gold and gems; I am learning a lot from all these brother. I am saving most of them. I think we can even create a great book by putting together all these valuable insights of yours.
I have a very important suggestion to you. Why don’t you publish a book by putting together all these advices for conquering any addictions and improving our life? You may help thousands and millions like the easypeasy author. Iam seriously saying brother. While going through your posts I am getting a lot of extremely valuable and important insights.

Please do seriously think about writing a book.

Your words shouldn’t limit into this forum itself. Through your experience, suffering, pain, learning and growth you can help a lot of people. What can give more meaning to life than that?

Also I had one more question to you bro. Are you a spiritual man now? I also used to smoke; so does smoking take away our spirituality? I am afraid to give it up because I fear that my friends may abandon me.
Also you can practice yoga as well. asanas, pranayama, kriyas many things of yoga have been life changing for me.


Yes brother, I did create a post on anxiety…

About book, thank you, that’s such a high praise brother… If my writings had helped someone and I see him successfully quit, I will consider writing a blog brother… If its not helping anyone at that level, I feel its not that helpful…

Yes I am, I am a Christian though…

In Christian perspective, I asked for repentance and left it too, so I am not bound by my past anymore… I see myself as a different guy…

About yoga, I know lot of people that do it and it helped them… It works a bit differently for me, I do some self talk, it helps me majority of times… I do try to make sure there are no stresses built up, my conscience is clear… They keep me away from future issues…