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Good work compiling everything at one place.


anxiety, stress and many negative emotions are felt by everybody at some point and we have to overcome them or should we accept them and conciously manage them better ?

This is a must read for everyone


            Benefits of NO PMO

How does Fapping benefit us? I understand De-stressing part as well as fun part, but there are plenty more negatives that will outweigh the positives of fapping. Some will have brain fog, some have sensitivity issues, some has guilt, some loose confidence, some loose self esteem, some feel like an addict, some wont do real world interactions, some go deep into weird fantasy zones, unhappiness to some, some dont like what they see in the mirror, some struggle with anxiety… For some, they have a bigger personal issues and they escape that by fapping. Then, fapping may seem like something good for a bit, but sooner or later, the issues of fapping will catch up and then they have two things to worry about.

To find ourselves, to be normal, to succeed, we need to stop giving time to wrong things that will be a mark on our conscience but start doing the right ones that will lit up the fire inside us,that will benefit us… Why not start it all with nofap? When we quit giving it time, we will start spending more time in more places that are healthy for us. Thats how we automatically find ourselves. As simple as that. Once we have completely eliminated this, there will be another to eliminate from our lives, and then there will be another… The more we do it, more we get better at being us… More closer we will be to who we want to be… (Adapted from Matthew McConaughey speech).

So, I have already benefited for a life time the moment I have decided to quit giving time and my energy to P and M. The other benefits are just like some small rewards that were given back, as I did something right. But those rewards are not why I do this. They might stay or I might loose them someday, but I will keep on eliminating one by one…


benefits of nofap
1 You are 1000 times happier!

2 You have balanced emotions.

3 Your mom is proud of you.

4 Cheese tastes better.​

5 More time on your hands

6 More energy

7 No brain fog

8 More interest in cooking

9 More confidence
10 Better eye contact

11 Dreams appear more vivid

12 More Attraction from the opposite sex.

13 Fewer viruses or other questionable programs on your computer.
14 Less reason to fear somebody discovering the contents of your computer.

15 Better concentration and focus.

16 Better sleep.
17 Feeling you can overcome any obstacle

18 ED gone

19 Muscles grow and stay maintained (if you exercise)

20 Not objectifying women

21 Better quality of thoughts.

22 Saved Time.

23 More Smiles in real life.

24 Generally feel good and happy

25 Comfortable in one’s own skin

26 You spend less less time on computer > you use less power > we don’t need as much coal for electric plants > you are saving the planet earth

27 Thicker beard ( mental beard and the real one )

28 - better spiritual life

29 - no cleanup

30 - you don’t feel like you are hiding something from everyone

31 - Spend less money on toilet tissue > so save a bit of money.

32 - use less > so saving the trees, which is good for the planet.

33 - You are not supporting the abuse of women, and sex trafficking.

34 - Body odour became repugnant after excessive viewing.

35 - You stop being a statistic

36 - You are a role model for other men

37 - You get to be different/unique as most guys do watch porn.

38 - You’re able to pick up on social cues easier, making social interactions go by smoother.

39 - Similarly you’re able to notice indicators of interest from people who are attracted to you.

40 - you become more magnetic and attractive to others. The chick magnet effect of NoFap is real.

41 - Your willpower increases dramatically as you’re learning to resist instant gratification.

42 Back pain goes away as you’re not sitting up in bed for hours.

43 if your wife sees your progress (including increased connection) she isn’t crabby wife all the time.

44 Your wife can’t get enough of you. If you know what I mean. (For me anyway.)

45 you forget less stuff at work in your mentally challenging job (for my husband)

46 Your brain is no longer dependent on the dopamine release, meaning you beat an addiction

47 More time for other activities like reading or watching movies

48 Person is more easily able to stay focused

49 Because your body doesn’t have to use sugars and energy on ejaculation, you become more energized

50 Your balls grow in size a bit (Not too much)

51 Overcoming porn addiction entails other major life changing habits. Your little personal insoluble snow ball effect.

52 It’s an interesting and exciting journey. I can’t wait to get to know how I’m gonna feel after for example one year of being clean.

53 You learn to face reality and nature of change.

54 You became more educated by it. You read how to overcome this, what are causes, how your brain works etc.

55 You clean your room even though you don’t want.

56 You never come late.

57 You have everything done on time.

58 you look up and see the world, not the pixels.

59 you stop objectifying women.

60 women will find you more attractive.

61 Improved self-esteem

62 thicker facial hairs
63 Able to look into eyes of your mother and sister, clear conscience.

64 Reduced acnes

65 Better memory

66 Imagination exaltate! (this is one of my favourites )

67 Articulation improved.

68 Your immune system is stronger. For me it’s true. I had long colds, but since i fight PMO they last for 3-4 days. I think it’s related with more energy.

69 Positiveness radiates from you. And it’s real, pure, benevolent…

70 …and you attract positiveness to yourself.
71 Become less selfish. You are willing to help people.

72 Feel good around people.

73 Become more conscious.

74 Start to feel the power of love that surrounds you. “'And what would humans be without love?’ RARE, said Death.” - T. P.

75 You learn that life has much more to offer than you previously thought!

76 Can witness things in life that were previously invisible to you. Metaphorically. You don’t get x-ray vision. Or i’m not there just yet.

77 You can feel cosmic energy. You learn to accept true nature of the universe.
78 You are less annoyed with things that were unbearable before.

79 Learn how to handle bad emotions.

80 You are interested in studying…

81 …and you are good at it.
82 Less worried.

83 Self-discipline

84 Better overall character

85 A lot more time and energy for self-development.

86 It is like taking sunglasses off, one wakes up to all the *** one was pretending not to see

87 social anxiety is gone

88 being able to feel emotions, both positive and negatives

89 feeling lighter on the soul, I am more like a new born baby and feeling Innocent.

90 being able to look others in the eye
91 increases self confidence to stand by the tunes and face up reality

92 Freedom from the slavery of compulsion

93 leaving hell and walking towards paradise

94 feeling special… after all everybody wanks off … but not me… thanks God for that!

95 being able to read books again!

96 better erections that are harder and last longer.

97 Don’t need to take waste water by taking an extra shower to wash off the smell.

98 Less laundry

99 Creates motivation to quit other addictions and bad habits.

100 More time to focus on setting and achieving goals to make your life even.


100 benefits, Amazing :clap::clap::clap:

I am getting used to those though… All became a part of my life. This feels like a new normal. I feel like I am getting closer in eliminating NO PMO completely from my life…


Hey friend! We would like to know something special about your journey which you really feel has improved. :slightly_smiling_face:


I mentioned all the things here @Aditya

But to pick a few, I am more happier, more clear headed, more free, and more transparent. And I like the way I am now… I think these are the foundations for other bigger things…

When we are addicted to something, we dont really like ourselves. They are having fun while they are doing it, but when they are alone, there’s one question, why am I doing this? Or this is not me, or some guilt… Without all those, there’s just freedom and thats when there is growth in other areas of our lives.


Wont be regular here from now guys… I am close to eliminating PMO from my life and I can feel it. I feel like its time for me to dissect some more… I want to try out a life with minimal usage of phone, and I wanted to stay away from all the social media, the best I can… Have to increase my brains sensitivity… I watched a video about how bad our brain’s sensitivity became, why its hard for us to appreciate little things, how much we hate boredom, why its not right to multi task, how we are not giving time to our brain to explore its creativity side, and how big of a role that our mobiles play in our life to cause all of it. I have heard that putting phones aside and figuring out other ways to manage our time, will not only increase our sensitivity but it increases focus and creativity. I thought of trying it out and So, I want to limit my phone usage to, football and tv series /movies, that too only at nights ( thats how I de-stress and cant stop them lol). Day time, study, news or boredom, thats all.

Its not like I wont come online here at all, I will definitely come here if I ever relapse or if I have something to share with you guys likes milestones or to share anything new I learned on my journey. Besides I believe that I shared all I know about what I know of addictions and how to tackle them here… I am not sure if I have anything more to add…

After I got out of smoking and other addiction, I told my other friends that if they ever want to get out of the addiction, feel free to ask for my help. No one really asked. And I have seen so many people that were into these addictions and with a mindset that they will never get out. I always believed that there may be one guy out there to whom what I know may help. Everything I have wrote here is something I have learned while facing the struggles. May be by sharing, I can atleast let them know whats expected and how to prepare for it? It is something I always thought of… This platform gave me the opportunity to share. I would appreciate it if you guys share the link of this blog to new guys in the future, if you believe that, what I wrote here may help him/her…

Also thanks @Ash_Matt… You are one of the first guys that commented on my posts and gave super positive responses… That made me get a very good impression of this community and then it motivated me to be regular here… I always thought you are someone older and wiser lol, until I found out your actual age and then I was pretty surprised :joy:.

I am on DAY 165, and will keep going… :muscle:

Peace out :v:


:joy: thanks man.
Sorry to see you go :cry: but I wish you the best of success. Don’t forget to update from time to time! All the best, and don’t relapse.

Turn the page, it’s tabula rasa. A new page, paint a masterpiece there.


Yes… Will keep updating my progress at times… May be once in month or so…

Thanks, :blush::blush:

I wish you the best too :v:


All the best!
Happy for you! It’s harder for me to fight alone, but remember, we’ve got your back. You can do it. Stay awesome, and

Flame on :fire:


You can do it bro, plenty of people in this community have got your back :blush::blush:, I wouldn’t have fought it alone too, without you guys. You too @Ash_Matt


All the best bro. Some of your advice has been really halpful to me. I have bookmarked few of your post. Lol i had the same impression of @Ash_Matt. I guess reading makes a person more mature. It’s good habit to have.


@raushan :joy: yeah prolly cause I love reading. Like Newton said, when I count on other’s experience, I stand on the shoulders of giants.


That’s means a lot :blush::blush:… Now that I may have plenty of time in my hands, I have to consider reading…

I wish you the best too, on your journey.


Day 200.

Its not all about PMO anymore as its used to be before. I am busy with my own stuff and it became a part of my life… I dont even think of the positives and negatives of no PMO or such… Doesn’t matter. To be honest, I even forgot those positives… Being proper is the new normal.

I do miss it certainly, like once or twice a week or so. I do think about how would it feel if I do it once more, It must be a lot of fun? Not like an urge or anything though, just a thought. But then the thought of doing PMO repels me, I imagine myself doing it and I feel, thats not who I want to be. I want to be the guy above it, a better person, transparent, no regret, same inside and out. I choose not to masturbate because I like myself now. I like that I can look in the mirror and say, my conscience is clear, nothing controls me and I am being my best self.

Everything turns me on, eyes would try to scan literally everything whenever it gets a chance but I dont let myself peek. I dont even have to tell myself not to peek, It just automatically happens subconsciously like a habit, either I scroll through quick or close my eyes.

Wet dreams have stopped and the feeling of having blue balls, like tightness in that area or even mild pain that used to come sometimes has stopped too.

To all the ones struggling to quit… This is my one suggestion. Its hard to sacrifice something that feels so good. We can tell ourselves to stay away for 10 days and we may succeed but a month or three, its the hardest. Think now whether u can stay without PMO for 6 months? If your heart tells u that its impossible, then you are setting yourself for failure and hence the relapses. Just put aside 6 months of your life, like give it up for the sake of yourself. Tell yourself that, I know its not going to be fun days ahead but I will do it anyway… Do it and see what happens. Afterwards, u can revert back if u dont like it… Life gives us so much stuff for fun. Masturbation or porn shouldn’t be the only way, if so then its even a bigger reason to stay away from it.

Imagine you are a smoker… And you are okay with doing that… You are having fun and all… But doesn’t the true strength lie in giving up the smoking for yourself. For your health and well being? For your loved ones. The guy that smokes is having fun, even he knows that its not good for his health but the guy that actually understands the true meaning of how bad it is for the health is the smart one and the guy that actually will go through quitting is the one that really loves himself or his loved ones. Imagine you go through all the hurdles and you quit, doesn’t life teach u a lesson? Doesn’t life make u stronger? Now on the opposite side, u come out an even more matured guy with new outlook on life… Thats growth. We should have that growth in every part of life… Wouldn’t you feel confident that you did it!! Its the same with masturbation, you do it just to make yourself feel like you are not an addict. It should be a good enough reason to prove yourself that you are strong. Doesnt matter if you are a guy that thinks PMO is good for you or that it’s not. You should prove to yourself that you are not an addict and if you are an addict, you have to get out of it for yourself.
( I know its a unique perspective but I am not trying to offend anyone such as smokers or the ones that doesn’t agree with it, I know this can be debated. I only wrote this keeping in mind the ones thats struggling to quit PMO and it doesn’t apply to everyone)


Thanks for sharing it, bro.

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Day 220…

So I had this dream today. I want to share it with you guys. Obviously I didn’t know it was a dream and it felt so real.

So I was in the middle of fun with a woman, in the mood, being teased… And I was conflicted whether to continue or stop the whole thing as it felt unlike me. Felt like even she knows I am conflicted and waiting, and I said, you know what, let’s do it. She replied, I knew you will say that so, I already booked a trip for a week, just you and me. But there is a voice in me, why not wait a minute and you can stop this whole thing, you are not thinking straight. Another voice in me says, if I wait, I will stop the whole thing but do I want to stop? And I know that if I start once, it is going to continue for the next weeks or months. So anyway, my heart says continue but I found the strength to say no, thats when I woke up and realized its a dream and that I stopped a wet dream.

I am not against the real thing but she is not my wife, so it is like a relapse to me if it happened in real. And this got me thinking, My defenses were strong enough to deal with this in dream and also in the middle, where thinking straight is a hard thing to do. And It felt like another positive step towards the ultimate goal.


I’ve had that
But mine was a weirder dream
The woman was stripped and was throwing herself at me. Trying to seduce me. I was wondering what to do too. I got violent and as she approached me I used that move in Judo to hold her arm. I was going to break it if she makes further moves. I said to her go away and don’t come back or I’ll break your arm. Another voice came from inside that “dude you’re hurting a woman - not cool” and my anger calmed down. I know sounds crazy
She looked into my eyes and kissed me and that’s when I discharged in sleep. I woke up wondering what the hell did I do. It was a wet dream

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keep your guard up…
stay strong… :+1: