Jonghklee's diary

Hi I’m Jonghklee. I have been trying the NoFap 100 day challenge but I hadn’t s
uccessed it even once so far. So, from this day, I will write down my feeling,
state and my day in the Rewire companion.
Since I’m live in Korea, my spellings and wrting could feel awkward. I wish you
guys will understand that.


Day 1
very low concentration
a bit lethargic

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Day 2
Low concentration
Low efficiency o reading a text, solving a math problem and python programing
short sexual image come to mind > soon disappear.

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Welcome my friend!
i wish you luck!


Day 3
no urge (maybe because of the school homework)
low concentration

I have the exercising plan but failed - maybe I’m too lazy.
So exercising plan for tommorow is just go to the exersicing room weither I exercise or not

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Day 4
low concentration (how long it would last?)

Today, a blood donation bus came to our school. So I volunteered for the blood
donation. It felt strange but It was worth a try. Because I take out my blood,
I can’t do the hard exercise. So I just walk ten minuates on the treadmill.


It depends on your level of addiction to pmo. Generally people (including myself) starts to see the benefits from day 12. Benefits like more concentration and focus.
All the best for your journey. You got this. We are cheering for you :raised_hands:

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Day 5

low concentration

Why I can’t concentrate like before? Just Three weeks before, I can do things t
hree times more then these days.

meditation before studying
workout in the morning


Thanks for your advise :slight_smile:

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Day 6

No more urges
sleepy (maybe because of the morning exercise)

Today I wake up 5:30 and go to the dormitory exercise room. I ran about 5 minua
tes on the treadmill. Little bit sleepy in the morning.

Day 6 > halfway for the Day 12


Day 7

there was no marked symtom today (maybe a little urge?)

While I have been studying chemistry, I felt skepticism. What I really like? I have a few dreams.

My dreams:

  1. To write a novel.
  2. To be a white hacker.

Hey I am also working on a novel. What genre are you into?

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SF. But these days I’m preparing for the test for the college :frowning_face:
After the test, I must finish that.
what about you?

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Day 8

Usually, I felt strong urge after a week since the day I fep. But interestingly today I don’t.

Well, I seems I am having a great change.

sit-up 30 / 30 / 20
dumbbell(10kg) 6 / 4
pushups 8 / 6 / 4


Day 9

Hmmm… Nothing special. Today, too, was no urge.
Just tired because of the exercise yesterday.

I thought my diary would be decorated by the ordeal and hardships for suppressing the urge. But Its just becoming short…

Well, for me, It’s a good thing


Day 10

Conpletely no urge today.

I’m already a monk


10 days in , let’s go.
And I haven’t really started the novel ,just done with the story outlining.

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Day 11
OK. I was not a monk.
Today morning, about 10am, I felt strong urge. It was chemistry class and I was solving the problems (maybe about the molarity). Even I was doing so, I can’t efface the image. Well, luckily, after an hour I can erace it. (cause it was PE class).

Exercise must be the medicine for the urge.


Day 12

It’s Day 12. Now the changes will come to my brain! Frankly speaking, there was a little urge. But It’s not a big probleme.

I feel I can concentrate more than before.



Today I was so tired. Maybe because of a exercise. Yesterday I do this:
sit-up 30 30 20
push-up 10 8 8
biceps-curl 44

Well, maybe next day would be better than today.