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I had been on NoFap for 2 months in 2022 I became a different person before relapsing and going back to daily fapping

On July 1 I decided to restart NoFap. I am well determined, focused, concetrated and mainly centred to stop masterbation. Its hurting much to become an addict of masterbation, slavery to owns acts😒
Today its the first day… I will be updating to remind myself on the progress
I will start with 30 days.
But what I discovered is "Streaks dont matter, but what matters is the real inner willing to wish more and better":pray:
So help me Ooh God
Psalms 118:5-29🙏


Today a 4th day to me,
This is how I am feeling, too much of sleeping, urgue, but its all good…

I gotta transform the day sleeping times into something more valuable, reading books, I gotta have to join the gym and road workouts…


Yesterday I relapsed​:unamused:. It pained me very much, I said I wont cut my streak I will go on. Its hard but I will make it, let it count 100 Nofap and may relapse may never happen to me​:pray::pray:


Do not be ashamed of your failures. The greatest men of the world failed thousands of times in their lives but nobody cares about that. It’s because people only see your success; they see you applying what you learned from those mistakes.

Did you learn from your mistake? What was the excuse or why did you do it? When? Where? And avoid that from happening again.

All the best this time brother :muscle:


It’s okay to learn from past mistakes and use this in present.


@rizione this is not the end , belive me and believe everyone come here and fail lot of times , believe that this day that you will your own controller of your own life will come and will be true
small efforts and steps can make a diffrence, just believe and don’t stop .