Join me until New Year!

Looking for an Army to join me until 2021!
I thought it would be cool to start the next year off feeling the best we can.
I myself am starting from scratch but it doesnt matter where you are at right now.

Who’s gonna join my army then?

Sharing code - u6u8n7

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 14 days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - UK

Why I want a companion - every journey is better with a team by your side.!


I’ll join u
Sharing code : a5ssyg

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I’m in let’s do it together :muscle::muscle:

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Great! Do u have a code?

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Added warrior Dean! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

My share code. gn0v9l

Sure anyone can join me by my code ‘xzqrkh’.
My ongoing streak is approx 5 days at 7:35pm

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I joined you. My sharing code is 4y4zzm

what’s your streak? And mention me so i get notified whenever you reply me all the best.

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What will you do after this? When 2021 starts and you have the streak, what do you expect? And why do you expect anything?

Is this some kind of game? I really am not understanding. Porn is addiction. Poison. You don’t plan to stop taking poison for some time. You just get rid of it.

People are joining until new year, then after that? You are expecting a reward?.

Haha dude it’s not that deep. It’s just to give us motivation.
The point is the look at a goal we can reach and then we are more likely to succeed and then after we make a new goal to go further.
Basic psychology tbh.
Smaller goals are easier and more likely to be attained.
If I said - let’s all start for one year. Noone is psyched about that.
But if its shorter then we will we can do it - and guess what - we get to celebrate with the new year! Doesnt that bring happiness?
Then we will have more motivation.
So yeah.
If u want lmao.


My longest streak is a month and I’m restarting
:slight_smile: join me! :slight_smile:

Funny you mention poison because it’s the same for people recovering from alcoholism.
You gotta celebrate the milestones dude!
It’s a big achievement and worth to be celebrated since its helping us!

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Yup this is to be celebrated.

Is it not poison?

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Very beautiful your initiative, what a great start, congratulations on the ability to shout like thunder summoning soldiers to such a noble war. May the horsemen be strong, that the hands do not fail, that the feet do not recoil and that strength and determination never fail.

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Yes it is!
So let’s overcome it! :slight_smile:


Oh damn! Yes lets do this!! Add me as a companion


Thank you for your support comrade!
I wish you all the best on this journey :muscle:t2:

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Count me in, I would love to join.