Join and make longest streak ever!

Sharing code - 1181d4

Current steak - 12 Days -4 hr
Age - 24
Gender - M
Location - earth

Hi to every one who are bravely fighting against PMO
I appreciate it you are those who want something more for their lifes.
I found out from several years of fighting through PMO that the easiest way to reach very long streaks is to move with peoples who are also moving in the way you are. (Just like a lamb walking in fold is safest place for him to move )
Fortunately i found this app and community but there is a little problems on this app that i am sure in next updates will be solved and i told those problems to dear admin
One of these problems is so serous and thats we are unavailable to communicate our friends and companions so after alots of thinking i found out that this is good for us to use benefits of social networks apps like telegram until admin release the next update.
I created a group in telegram app and will be very happy see you all guys there. I put the invitation link to that group below!
I hope this not be against rules of this community.

@lopezs1999 @anon88254055 @onlywaytobefree @ruz92 @rahulsingh704205 @dadada @maxman @ravitejjiragihal @chris_lang98 @Julio

@rahulsingh704205 thanks for joining to the group

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