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Hi All,

I am writing my journey since I tend to relapse a lot. I would hope this will keep me motivated.
I am a married man in mid 30’s and struggling with this addiction for so many years that i cannot rem my last longest streak.

I would be on normal mode i.e No PM.
I will write down the positives and negatives as I proceed with my journey daily or weekly when time permits.

Current Streak - 1 Day 14 Hours
Add me - 46d2c5

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Damn it…lost the battle…it seems my brain is trying to fight back my will power…

Lets go again…

What happened did you relapsed again I am also the same age of you my age is 28 been addicted to p*** from last 19 years I am also married person and have zero motivation too much lazy building my life once again and nofap help me a lot
My current streak is 49 days
My code: b5m3hr

I will help you