"Jesus the Natural"

I was looking my youtube feed when I found a video from “Jesus the Natural” one of the best nofapers of spain.
The video was about his relapse after 1 year 8 months nofap. WOW! I thought he was never more addict, but he relapsed.
What I think is that our society is tempting us to watch porn so the best nofapers to have the danger to fall.
Also it could be he wasnt totaly rewired… I dont know. For me would be imposible to relapse, but I haven’t arrived yet.

What do you think? Have you arrived so far as him?

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Relapsed after 4 years. It’s something you will always have to watch out for. Although I must say that I now find 30 day streaks easy and feel I could easily do another year.
33 days current streak.

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From what I have been reading we should never 'let our guard down ’ or become completely relaxed. yeah it gets easier to resist the longer our no fap streak is but… It could always be a weakness 5 years or 10 years later. The point is though that if you have successfully managed to resist for years then even after failing at least you have the consolation of knowing a very long period of no fapping is possible and you will know all of the benefits from the abstinence.
So you would be much more motivated to resist again for a good long period knowing it is definitely possible. This isn’t about achieving perfection it’s about getting back up when we fall down and getting our damn lives back.
That’s what I’m trying to do after wrecking my 24+ day streak.