Jesus Set Me Free!

Hey there… I am really not here to convert you into a new religion or something… I just want to tell you that I am 2 years free from all form of masturbation and pornography, I don’t have lustful thoughts, I am productive in life, I don’t have a fake life, I don’t have to close my room door anymore, my happiness and charisma is not enslaved to masturbation, I don’t have that after everytime you masturbate when you said you won’t do it again, I am doing new things that I would have never done before, I am a better son to my parents, a better Lover of people, I now care about others, I am not selfish and filled with bigotry, I don’t struggle with my phone anymore too, my phone memory is clean, I don’t have maze like passwords on my phone anymore as a matter of fact I don’t even have a password on my phone anymore, I am not afraid of anyone picking up my phone to use it, I don’t have apps that hide videos anymore on my phone. I am no longer a slave to Masturbation. When I was about to turn 18 years of age, I thought to myself, " I can continue like this anymore, I can’t grow up and still be found with this habit", see brothers j had never taken it as an addiction until the time that followed after I made this statement. I had been masturbating from an early age even before u knew the word, “masturbation”, from around the age of 6, I started this… It grew from me just rubbing my penis on the floor to feel pleasure and graduated to me seeing a pornographix video which excited me to indulge myself more and more. The truth is I innocently started this addiction but when I also wanted to quit, it won’t go… I started to struggle, went online learnt about dopamine and all
I remember only being able to search for help only after I had masturbated. Soon when I turned sixteen, it wasn’t only just the rubbish I did, soon semen started to follow every session of this addiction. Cani tell you the Truth? Because you shall know the way things really are and this knowledge will set you free! - YOU ARE UNDER TORMENT! You cannot save yourself brah! I don’t care how many relapses you’ve made before you are only climaxing yourself, because j noticed that the more I
forcedyself to stay for about 4 days without Pornography and masturbating the day I eventually gave in, it seemed to increase the soul-binding “pleasure” I got from it. I don’t care, you can stay 1000 days with masturbating but you are only making for yourself an even stronger cage when you eventually do! It was until I just lifted my voice and said without knowing what will happen next, I just said “Jesus help me!”. Guys I’m not joking fastforwrd some time later, I found out that God Loves me and with the power of His Love, with the knowledge of His Love knowing that all this while I was doing this but He still cared as still Loved ME?? I have renounced masturbation never again to return. But honestly I am still human, I still do get sexually aroused(of course this is normal cause this is how God actually intended you to be) but I am not enslaved to thoughts that say “go now to your room, lock the door, bring out your phone, go to a porn website, watch videos and masturbate again and again” This can be you too, the question is, are you interested? See it’s not by-force and He won’t take you choice from you but with all sincerity of life, I am not lying to you, I am honestly free as a matter of fact Im currently acquiring new skills in software engineering and programming(though I am reviewing the kind of school I am in though), soon I am also going to learn how to be an electrician, I have a successful mentor who is training me in my finances and life and so on and on. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SAY WITH ALL YOUR HEART, “LORD JESUS HELP ME” FOR ANYONE WHO CALLS ON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED. It’s not a Spanish thing or religious doctrine or so, I didnt come to Christianity for anything, I don’t honestly even call myself a Christian. I just came because I found MY DADDY… and He longs to be your Daddy too… I am even crying as I type this… It because of my Daddy I came and because of HIM I remain. I was honestly lost in the Bible and for a month I didn’t even remember porn or masturbating. JUST PROOVE ME, YOU WILL SEE FOR YOURSELF, SEE IF I AM LYING COME TO JESUS AND STAY IN HIM AND HE WILL CLEANSE YOU NOW, HE WILL CLEANSE YOU TOMORROW, AND HE WILL CLEANSE YOU FOREVER, HE WILL CLEANSE YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FINANCES, YOUR JOB, YOUR HEALTH, YOUR MIND. If You will accept Him and STAY LONG ENOUGH FOR HIM TO CLEANSE YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN. I still have challenges, no kidding but He is there and I am here and I not just going to be cleansed, I am going to be saviour to others also. E-mail me: [email protected]


Beautifully Said Brother, Most Folks Here haven’t realized this is Beyound the Will, The Powers That be, Unseen Have Waged War Against Your Soul, That innocent Curiosity have taken You Deep into uncharted Waters, and By Your Own Will Placed your Soul In the Hands Of The Unseen, It has Undergone Mutation and Reprogramming, it will Take More than Just Will Alone.

Stay blessed.


This is also the case here. God can really do wonders. For Catholics, frequenting the sacraments of confession and Eucharist is a strong foundation to overcome

Is there a WhatsApp group that’s designed for those struggling with this habits