Jay's journey to freedom

Hello everyone!

I’m a 20 years old student studying electrical engineering and I have a pretty bad addiction to P*** and M****. I’ve tried many times to stop and was unsuccesful, I can’t seem to find the reason why - but I’m trying my best to stay clean. Maybe if I will write down all my thoughts here I will be stronger because I will write all the reasons why I want to get out of this addiction and become a better person. So every day in this diary I give a promise to myself that minimum 30 days I will write a list why I want to get out of this addiction (minimum 5 reasons), reasons can be same as before but I HAVE to write them down every day. So this is a challenge for me, if anyone is interested how I’m doing - feel free to reply and follow my journey.

Sorry for my bad english but I think it is pretty understandable :slight_smile:

So, here we go. Todays reasons why I want to get out of this addiction:

  1. Less social anxiety, feel more confident myself in everyday situations;
  2. Better hair growth;
  3. Better skin condition;
  4. More happy with life overall - small things makes me happy;
  5. Deeper voice;
  6. More motivation to do anything;
  7. Better at social situations;
  8. Better focus at work and studies;
  9. More strenght;
  10. Eyes are less tired and red;
  11. Better sleep;
  12. Lower blood pressure (yeah thats for real guys);
  13. Want to get out more, enjoy nature;
  14. More peaceful mind.

Hi bro,
I can relate to so much that u are saying, I have battled 10 more years than you and trust me u are doing this at the right time. I personally couldn’t do more than 30 days and that’s cause I got all confident after 30 days that it easy to do this. Your plan sounds perfect and I will adopt few of those too in my journey. I am 4 days in and looking to hit 150 days.


Thank’s for the support guys! We can do this!

Today’s reasons:

  1. More concentration at work, better career;
  2. Less dizzy head, better memory;
  3. Heartrate is slower, my actions are more gentle;
  4. I’m more immune to surprises, sudden tasks at work, I’m not freaking out much;
  5. Hands are less shaky;
  6. Feeling happy in small things;
  7. More discipline in life - more motivation to tidy up room, study, do some work related stuff;
  8. Less anger, could even calm down other people that may need it - this is very important;
  9. Better mind at solving various problems related to studies and work.

Today’s reasons why I should quit P*** and M*******:

  1. More focused into life goals;
  2. Less redness on face (better at social situations);
  3. More happy in life, simple jokes could me make laugh;
  4. Feeling less tired and stressed;
  5. No depressive thoughts;
  6. More motivation to go out somewhere, explore;
  7. More engaging into random chat with people;
  8. Better discipline;
  9. Better eyesight (because I go out more);
  10. More self-confidence;
  11. No more of that strange feeling that I should be ashamed of something;
  12. More calm.
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Here we go:

  1. Better facial hair, hair grows faster it seems, also it is thicker;
  2. More energy;
  3. Projects get done sooner;
  4. Can walk longer without losing breath;
  5. I feel like more testosterone, because I want to do very manly things: fix stuff, work with machinery, welding and things like that;
  6. Life doesn’t seem so pointless;
  7. I think more about others, not only about myself.

I won’t stop:

  1. Better health overall;
  2. Less stutter in talk;
  3. Food tastes better;
  4. Brain is smarter;
  5. Better memory;
  6. More power;
  7. Better eyesight.
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