Jared Cox's Diary

Day 13. I’m going back to work today and I’m feeling nervous.

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I’m the same guy, it appears my original account got suspended

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Day 20. It’s the 20th day since I last fapped


Day 21. Over the next few days im going to focus more on improving myself and try not to focus so much on the days.

Today I did some muscle memory exercises with the shovel, I was shoveling on an angle with my arms on certain positions of the shovel, then I would change angle and I made my arms switch positions on the shovel to maintain balanced training on both arms.

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Not only am I doing nofap, but I’m also training to do workouts and exercise more, to get some good stamina and some strong muscles, but that’s not all I’m also working on another of my life, Im currently trying to develop great social skills with other people.

Day 22. Today I was so busy at work that I got sore muscles, but that doesn’t bother me, because im using work as a way to workout in many different forms such as shoveling, picking up rocks and walking to and from the vehicle etc. That’s the first time I’ve ever got sore muscles at work, but to me that’s progress, pain = gain, my muscles will heal back up and they will be stronger than they previously were.

Today is day 23, every time I get to this point I tend to relapse every time, luckily today im at work so relapsing is not an option, if I wasn’t at work right now, chances are I would probably be edging right now or I would have already relapsed, but the good thing is im busy and im going to transmute my energy, im not going to relapse.


Sorry bro, but this profile picture is here to stay


Dude why you are hyper. He just said to remove a dp. You could have explained him why you put that pic. May be you have a good answer .
But this reply is just stupid.


This guy is trying hard to get attention here, he changed his DP to Nazi symbol to provoke people & made some cringe posts like I took big shit, I took big piss & got banned.
I thought he learned his mistake & changed somewhat. Nope, He is repeating the same cringe again :joy:


True bro , never understood such people…
If you wanna talk on some sensitive issue then with respect . This behaviour is unacceptable.


Bruh an explanation of why you would not remove this pic would have been much better than this attitude😑


Okay, yes, that was wayy to harsh…

And bro, c’mon, how does it hurt your beliefs? :joy::joy:
I’m a fellow Indian and I know it’s a holy animal, but since he’s not doing anything offensive personally I think you should have let this guy be


Same opinion, I just saw the profile picture, noticed there was a cow and moved on, what’s there to get offended :sweat_smile:.
But @jarjar bro don’t be rude like that :sweat_smile:, we are all going through same thing and are all here to recover.


Day 25. It’s the first time since August/September last year that I have gone more than 24 days, for the past few months I would make it to 3 weeks, only to relapse on the 23rd or 24th day, this is the first time since then that I successfully got through those challenging days, it’s currently afternoon and I’m going to transmute my energy.

I relapsed after 26 days

Bro I suggest you to have a look at all the conversation above.It is said that it is not good to jump into something without knowing anything about it.I am here to fight with the evil PMO not with my fellow brothers but someone is here to Spread hate and it is not the first time he do it.

I don’t know brother in what way he is spreading hate … He just used a cow as pfp


You know what,
Keep your religious belief, we won’t pry any further. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
Good luck to you and your streak. Hope u recover from PMO faster and find a place where ‘your religious beliefs’ are honored and respected.
Goodluck!!! I’m rooting for you!